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Pretty and I like ninety to wrap so I'm like all right right. Yeah they don't even like you like I taught him. Well you're like I thought well. And what your favorites Akilah? Don't I'm kidding you're asking the girls? I'm saying you're asking the girls. What's what what would you daddy daddy and then like what's what's kind of your dream by because I know like people you know like you know when you're younger you wanted this bike. You wanted that setup and now here you are. You're older you own your dream bike or do you have a bike in your mind that you'd like to build that these people listening they know who you are. They're like Oh yeah. That was like the jam. I wanted that to stroke or even that one twenty five that cub that you know I mean. Do you own a bike or do you have on your bill. I think as you get older that that mark moves right so that target moves so okay I when you know when I was you know when i Parker Age or my daughter ruins age fourteen. I mean all I can think of like I wanNA have a you. Know two fifty like Ricky Johnson. Whatever and and then you you get there and you have that for years and years and then as you get older like okay cool I. I have all the cool motocross like now. What would I want You know then then you WanNa go like the ultimate like trail bike right right now. These days it's been around winner a want. A motocross bike played on it then. I can ride the streets. Connect all the dirt sections and all so You know there's no perfect bike. I don't think there's a perfect bike for a certain situation. But there's no one bite they can cover it all so I mean I love riding. Check days it street on track on strike So we do that a couch and then I have an adventure by advocates are six fifty. That I've Been Ryan that off road on Road then. My cats were fifty. And then you know we have you WANNA go play with the kids get on the the Celtics one ten with the class without a class. I mean that's a cool thing. There's a lot of right you know. Then you know we're tires one. You want the nabis on to promoter tires on enduro tires. There's just all kinds of choices so That's the beauty motors. There's so much so many options and now even in the truck world. You even have a rendering of a cyber truck on your instagram account. So you're you're you're campaigning. Twenty Twenty One. Twenty twenty one. The McGrath Showtime Cyber Truck Co. lab with Elon. Musk right is that what's happening. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah just imagining the the. I'm imagining a exit speed. You get off that thing with technical input input you know right now and the ludicrous button. Can you imagine that opera track? I think need spiked maxes. I don't know if there's enough knobs on that because you'd get that instantaneous. Torque you just lied them up and wouldn't get the grip so but you could. You could control it and do trash control. And that's just a whole game changer. But Yeah I mean. There's there's there's so much there's so much great history that you have and and because you're so young you did this all in twenty five years. It's so amazing. What you've done in a short twenty-five years you've had two kids you're married you one seven time because you're only twenty five right. I asked can the other day. He's like I'm twenty five. I was like look people have computers. Yeah the look it up. Fake News all right okay. Whatever did we know how old you actually is. It's twenty five to the second. I think you might be fifty forty eight getting know I it is tremendous. I just love all the history. And it's it's great to be documented to that level and it comes because of because of your success and I will to your Horn on how humble person you are really appreciate that US meeting. And and how engaged you were and again Cranston Tequila plants and Ping Pong. Our friendship has kind of stayed towards that. When you come out here to Arizona going to go to lors race hanging out with the girls and your friends and My friends have become your friends. You got a great crew of friends that I I don't WanNa say I'm envious of but I I I like it. It's red. Well I think our When you know I know what you're doing I'm keeping up on a lot. Same Family Rat Dad. And you got all these you know what I say cheers to that and we will continue their friendship for long periods of time. But it's been it's been awesome and you know to To be able to have the lifestyle and be able to do what we do. It's really really we're really. I'm still think cheers brother. Thank you for joining us. I'm taking step. He's Cheers to you. I I did mine on. The is such why you got the crunch. That's not. That's not some vocal fry. It's a good good microphone. All let you get on your writing. Say hello to the girls all three of them for your wife and your two girls can't wait to hang out with you and actually Sip Some Tequila or out of this pandemic. Thank you so much Jeremy. Looking forward to it. Yeah I can't wait the team in so follow Jeremy on all the social media networks again check out his addict and believes instagram account. Is Jeremy Mcgrath? Used to have the two there at the end. But why bother with that? Everybody knows who who he is. So Jim McGrath. This is because everybody enjoys roadrunners. He is truly a roadrunner so checkout him and thank you for joining us here piece out y'all..

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