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High time is hoping sports Barnes open up. That was the help create back in the mid eighties. And you know, just didn't have a good ring to it. Steiner sports, sinus sports was the original. And then we added marketing to just better rain at a crisp. And remember back in the mid nineties. It really was not the may sports companies out. There were still very very new. I can't tell me but walked up to me what what's the sports company as I work. It was going to like how do they even work people, hire athletes people by autographed stuff? What is tyrod sports who have? Balance explained that they're Steiner sports. Was you actually have a sports company? It's not a sports company that I don't know that owns small baseball fields are any number of things or make sports equipment. It's you do marketing and a big part of your business. You know, what let me ask you this question. It's kind of a tangent. But I gotta ask you one fifteen of the book is chapter nine turning memories into money. It starts off by saying adopted from the business playbook page thirty three would we looking at here with this book where a section is adopted from another book because I got road create a job coming out of college was business play, but can really book geared towards kids in college or right coming out of college trying to go the brand. And it was a major part of the brand built was what you just talked about which we can raise that matter. It really responsible for my fortune that I've made it Steiner, and I told him in the business playbook, and it's always fair to mention that it came right in that book because I generally my books, repeat whatever it in another book, but this was worthy of repeating because it was the game changer was the moment the circle by raker job on that. You know, what I read these books so fast because I know if I'm going to meet the author, I can't let my mind wander. Can't let myself like lose focus focus read every single word in really helps that I get to talk to you right afterwards. And so what you're saying is like this moment in your book is so important that you wanted to recap it and this goes back to Walter Payton what happened with Walter Payton verse what happened the moment. Just just quickly go through that. Because at the end of the real learning this ability. It was funny to two thousand blogs written three books a man for literate. I struggled reading right. I mean, really. And with funny is used to read my kids stories at night when I didn't like reading I've never been a big reader and sometime I you know, I'd make up stores. I never I opened up a buck. And I'd just make up around story. My kids go crazy. So I go when I'm telling the story about my favorite moments sports, which was the ninety four Cup with Rangers won the Cup was a captain in my look over my son is dead asleep for him start the story. This is wrong. I'm about to tell you by most important sports moment. And now is the beginning of Steiner are never the moment campaign, which was needs are confused sit on his bed..

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