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Ages of went in for a most susceptible as they become mobilink curious about this round things so they go the authors of this then he called off for the us consumer product safety commission to mandate window bly may factions only sell products that don't poor that pose a hazard to children so but i knew about this i read some stories like this in the past every time the kids around i take the will of course and i put him above i right of course you owe a costly why you knew that of years of new that now i knew about that none of meat be careful now i just wanted to make sure all right okay so as you got going on him mario well if you're wonder about a white crystalline weren't twit 25 percent chance of snow prechristmas yeah okay will have an air actually i i get that for chaffee yesterday was fifty percent mm double check it today it's donna 25 percent but well it's better than nothing some years that you're hot this year it is not them i i think you mentioned his was before but essay apparently some people are having trouble finding the perfectfitting now or that where the price of brazil jeez have been a little bit higher right than in past seasons and apparently according to your wall street journal this year is a tree shortage and most grows blame the tightened supply on the great recession because we have the great recession ten years ago they cut back on you plantings trees right yeah don't want people to your door you'll get a fig tree na victory you do i want to people drove a big demand for ivory tommy you're you're exactly right on that it was because of the recession ten years ago there are some trees got are very hard to find this year yeah all right so any any paper they say it takes about ten years to grow across the strait i and also if you're planning on taking a trip to saudi arabia guess when you're going to be able to do for the.

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