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Nancy hardy, NewsRadio one zero five point nine FM WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange is mixed next missed extradition hearing his lawyer Gareth Pierce told the court Assange was not very well. Assange, his forty seven years old isn't Belmarsh prison serving fifty weeks sentence for jumping bait in Britain was fighting exhibition to the US which accuses him violating the espionage act by publishing secret documents containing the names of. Confidential military and diplomatic sources Sweden also seeks in for questioning about an alleged rape, which Assan has denied it's not clear which claim would take president's Syria shaklee, London, well known actor making a political statement once again, deniro's out bed in the New York Times begs Robert Muller to testify before congress, the country needs to hear your voice, your actual voice the actor writes, the letter was written, just hours after Muller made his first public statements following the release of his report on President Trump and possible collusion with Russia deniro signs off your life is finished shining, example of bravely and selflessly doing things for the good of our country. I urge you to leave your comfort zone and do that again, Matt piper CBS news. Target his recalling ninety thousand USB cables that can pose shock and fire hazards. The three foot charging cable cell run fifteen dollars. Three Taylor is received fourteen reports of the products smoking. Sparking or igniting including two instances of finger burns, the cables are from a company in Minnesota. Their menu factored in China and targets sold them from June of last year, there January of this year gas, prices, traffic and weather. Next WBZ news time to thirty six. Let's say you just bought a house..

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