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I talk a bit about Dan houser leaving Rockstar or games. Then get into the Games. We've been playing with special focus on the evil within to death stranding and then we bring on Kacoos own Paul Tamayo to talk about journey to the savage planet in Dragon's dogma. Before closing out with some off topic talk of the wire dunkirk. Cheer and the good place along with a very special update about last Sunday's super super bowl all that and a frog tastic music pick plus a whole lot more sustained around. And we're back. Welcome back to Kentucky split-screen. My name is Kirk Hamilton. And I am I'm joined by Maddie Meyers. Hello Matty Hello Kirk. It's me it's nice to see you. We are Jason Schreier for another still another week another week after this one. So he's he's not around. Though fans of Jason Schreier there will be a little surprise for you toward the end of this episode. That will hopefully be cool though Mattie and I don't uh-huh curious about that will stay tuned and you'll find out would I don't think so we are going to be. We have a very special guest for the middle segment. That's going to be pretty fun. We talk about Dragon's dogma. And before that before we get into the games I haven't played first off. I want to give a little google update. So right. You've been trying to get off Google. Yes I've been avoiding Google. Just kind of as an experiment. Something I could talk about on the show kind because Google is kind of terrifying and have a lot of data I love how much data they have on me and I'm so kind of fatalist about at all like where you know that facebook book is tracking me. I haven't had a facebook account for years or it's been deactivated but I'm sure they're still tracking me lake through all these things. I think. This is the exact way that it works for. Everyone though is that we've all become fatalist. Fatalist about it. which is part of why I decided to do this? Is that fatalism tech companies capitalize on it. They know that we all are like well. I don't have any privacy you anymore anyway okay. I guess. Everything's going to be sold to an advertiser benefits them. I absolutely and to try to experiment with like well. What would be like using those services? So that's what I've been doing doing. I have been using duck duck. Go as my search engine I still use g mail so you know still doing that. but just for search have been trying to not use Google and I thought I'd give an update on how that's been going so it's been a while now. I can't remember when it was that I started doing this. But I've been using duck duck go as my primary search engine for months and months and months so it's been like now I don't don't think about it anymore but I do have to say I've found a thing that I require. Google search for there is like one thing that it's much much better for so duck duck go is basically fine for find defined like whatever the wikipedia page for an album or video game or something or the release date of a game or news articles. Like great for that kind of thing. The thing that Google is really good at is people like if you need to find what people are saying like conversations on message boards. That's what Google is. Google is way better at least then. Duck Duck Oh and that's been my primary reference point for example and I'll talk about it in a bit but I've been playing evil within two and there will be times times where I'm like. Okay I know I picked up this one item and it triggered this one event. What does that mean for my game? I screwed myself. You know that kind of question you'll have about and like if I look forward untucked go. It just finds a couple of hinted sites that are kind of more general. But it doesn't find you. The thing that you know is out there. If you've been like googling video games for a long time about them you know. They're huge forum threads about this specific thing and the question I always have is like okay. Well that's what I need to read. I need to we know what the people on the ground say because in some steam thread. Someone's asked about this and like five people responded and they got a good answer and that's where the nation is and that's what I have to turn to Google for so so I do and I do Google. I'll be like I still have it on chrome so I pull up chrome because they usually use fire Fox. But I'll pull up chrome and I'll be like okay and I look and it's like huge lists of people talking talking. All of this. Foreign threats are right there and I'm like this is what Google is good at surfacing in their searches is like what people are actually saying about thing. They've got which kind of makes sense because they're like building this database abuse of people and they know who we all are like what everyone is saying. Yeah it's really the most useful Lincoln response to it like how to find such and such object or did I just get myself out of this thing in game title like that automatically. spawns a bunch of reddit threads a bunch of steam threads leads back game gave us. which game facts now in games two you? I just know that's going to be the most reliable source of information. There's the whole thing where people are like. We don't need game journalism anymore. Game websites need to exist. We can just have read it threads and while I of of course things that that's like totally wrong headed and a million ways you can understand if your primary information you're looking for is like did I get myself. How do I get this item? Like the best information mation. You're gonNA find his ninety nine percent of the time going to be a forum thread somewhere. Yes people source crowdsource information. That is actually the best way to find that stuff. But that kind of Info Games journalism school too many other ways absolutely not to take on a tangent speaking of journalism though. There's some news as we still not a lot of news happening. But we should at least mark the departure of Dan Houser from Rockstar Games. He is the CO founder and not the head. That's his brother Sam. But he was the head writer on what Max Payne three ready to. GTE Five he wrote a lot of these games. He was the head writer on some of those Yup. And you know him leaving. It's sort of a tradition a standard path where he was kind of on a sabbatical at sounds like after finishing red dead to which by all accounts was like a Herculean undertaking. And right right then he left and was kind of on a sabbatical on. Now's cocaine leaving. So we don't know whether this means he's retiring from Games industry or just leaving Rockstar. It I would imagine that just knowing I dunno I remember when we talked to Bruce Staley the CO director of or I guess director of last last of us who had a similar thing I think he was on sabbatical for a little while and then decided to leave naughty dog. It's I think you are in charge of making those gains like. It's a ULA. Kill yourself making them. I guess everybody not just the people in charge. Obviously but like it's a ton of work and you kind of burn out and I would imagine maybe he's like you know what I'm really really really rich like I'm going to go and not play. Kill myself reading it another video game. Yeah I also Sam Houser are still there and they told Kotoka that he's still doing the same thing there so i. I do wonder if that's just an interesting thing between the two of them. Mr which of them decided to stay in which went to their roles. But who knows and it'll be interesting to see if anything rockstar changes with this but it may not it may not change at all and maybe that the company the way it is. Because that's how the company is I think that given the stuff about their culture and the various problems with their culture cultures are bigger than an ursuline. His his impact is an inch is interesting in part because he's not a person that a lot of people know he's not the same as a really well known screenwriter director sort of a person but his writing and his stories are like some of the most popular and like widely experienced stories in any media. Like when you look at his his footprint it's crazy like no. He's kind of the sky like most people don't even with what he looks like. I'm sure they saw pictures from like. Oh He's kind of guy. Yeah that's Dan Houser. That's the guy who wrote wrote these stories and I do think as much as like there are many well-documented issues with his storytelling and like not. All of his games have great stories. He's told some pretty pretty amazing stories. And I'm on the record for red dead to is like operating on a level of sophistication of the type ninety eighty percent of the time or something that most games don't even get close close to and this guy like that's his legacy. It's pretty crazy actually. I'm I'm curious to see like how his story will evolve over the years if he is indeed leaf. If it even could just be that he'll continue to be a person who influenced a whole lot of games after him and he's good with that and he's just going to go line hammock now. That would be Joe. Yeah I can imagine him. Yeah I think I might do. I think more people will talk more. Everyone's just so tight lipped and as long as of course when and someone leaves it tends to just be and I don't mean like they'll talk shit I mean they'll be more free about. This is what this guy was like this like clearly unusual person who is like weirdly focused on. I'm doing these Herculean. Things like making these massive gambling. Just what kind of person does that for good. And what worked and didn't work about his kids. I think that'll be interesting to see so something worth marking as a as a as a slate news item on the show. We'll talk about video games. I see you've got exciting stuff on your games that you played this week so I want to hear so I made a Google doc with a list of games but I'm going to beat in order Kirk Hamilton style. Nice savaging phone. I love it. James are going to get either being or abandoned. TVD How long. I'll keep this up. I will update everyone about. Oh yeah so I posted. I beat disco at least you. I'm this week. Iran I returned officially to death stranding and I will see if I care care to beat death stranding or not. I will say that playing. I'm GonNa talk about these two games without spoiling them early. I'm going to try. Try Mightily to this weathercast but I wanna totally WanNa know what you think. I talk our listeners. Feel about spoilers but I'll just I'll. I'll try to talk broadly about it. This happens anytime. I play two games on the same week. I always compare them on split so sure everyone both begin with D. It's it's like they're exactly the same game so no they're they're actually very very similar because they are both games that are made by design teams that that are not based in America but which are very fascinated with specifically American politics like Disco Elise. Em's design team listens to American podcast. ASK THEY HAVE THE CHAPO TRAP guys. Doing voice acting and like one of the ladies from red scares doing voice acting in it. These are American podcasts. About American dirtbag left politics and your opinion on those politics probably influences at least a little bit how you feel about disbelief and it's tone which can be abrasive at times but has like a particular sort of almost weird twitter asks humor which the design team has talked about his well. They also had a pretty big writing team. Apparently it was like eleven or twelve people wasn't right for the amount of writing. Yeah and and also because the game is so I mean divers is a word that has a lot of meetings but in this case I just literally mean like like functionally. It feels like a lot of different people wrote the game but not in a bad way in the sense that different scenes have very different tones and takeaways and and then as a whole the game I would say has an overall take away. That is at times cynical. And at times does any of this matter with regard due to the hugeness of of a political revolution and political upheaval and like being a singular person who's sort of disconnected from it but also has some sense of hope in some political stake in it. You you obviously get to decide what the lead character's politics are. You can play as a fascist racist. You can play his communist or socialist or liberal or anywhere in between these estates but you individually like the fact that you and your individual politics don't necessarily affect the trappings of the world is very much a part part of what the game is by. Contrast does stranding is a game where you it is extremely about American politics politics and even just the first like couple hours of the game. So I wouldn't ask you this spoiler at all 'cause we've even talked about it on the show although we didn't I don't think we talk that much about like the president. Is it in industrial bag. And Blake Ludicrous. That is so like you. First of all are the son of the president. And that's just a thing like that's your mind hunter and you're like shown to be this. Every man delivery man who's like delivering stuff in an apocalyptic wasteland but then like within an hour our there like by the way your mom is the president. Yeah it's very nice is just like I don't know what to make like it's very shakespearian to me. Almost the the hero of the game is like a princely figure and yet also like this sort of every man type like I was wondering what to make about about an haven't beaten the game yet so I'm still sorting out my thoughts on that but I also think the president and Heather and I disagreed on this. Which is why? It's not in her review which I edited. It's just I take the chance to get it. This is my take. I've always wanted to have about destroying..

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