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I'm which turns out to be very punitive you talk about how they use something that's called a degradation ceremony what exactly is a degradation ceremony so that's a classic notion from a sociologist named harold garfinkle and he wrote this famous short little paper in the fifties i think about the process of the degradation ceremony so he meant to include the way lots of social institutions kind of use these little rituals to lower people status and to convey that they are like a subordinate or lower stigmatized group of people compared to others so this would include you know the way prisons would say shave people's heads and put them in uniforms or the way that a court would put handcuffs on someone and have them taken out in this sort of the ritual of proclaiming a sentence and all these sorts of things that especially penal institutions although i imagine other organizations might use it to but basically kind of little rituals that half that are used to convey that someone is kind of descending in status this is becoming a lesser person and so w test definitely did this when women entered the program they had to go through a process the wto has called induction and that was a delousing shower that was observed by staff members so you know they would have to get naked and wash themselves with anti lice soap this they didn't do this kind of thing a gladstone lodge you know even though both organizations would have reason to fear lice infestations like neither from want liceinfested asian they didn't force women to go through that kind of a degrading process at gladstone lodge and that i do directly attributed to it that wts his location in a criminal justice system it cared a lot about signaling women's lower status whereas gladstone lodged did a lot of work to try to save the women in its programme from stigma because you know being labelled addict might be seen as a stigmatizing identity no matter whether you're the criminal justice system or in the health care system but they they add.

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