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Plan for details. The crews of demolished the rest of the collapsed condo building in South Florida, and the search will now continue for the 121 people still missing a BCS Trevor Altars in Surfside, Florida this morning, rescue workers had been heavily hindered by fears the rest of the building would come down on top of them, especially with tropical storm Elsa closing in on Florida. In the moments before the implosion, the community and first responders coming together to honor the victims. The death toll now stands at 24. 15 counties in Florida are under a state of emergency in anticipation of the arrival of Tropical Storm Elsa right now nearing landfall in Cuba, the Vatican says Pope Francis is in good condition and alert a day after he underwent intestinal surgery. He is expected to recover in the hospital for about seven days. Joey Chestnut once again breaking the world hot dog eating record to win his 14th Nathan's famous hot dog eating contest. This is ABC News. A man accused of turning his car into a weapon near the Washington Monument over the weekend, is due in federal court today. NBC's Mark Remillard has more U. S Park Police say they arrested Jack Joseph Desson of New Jersey on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and destruction of government property. This is after police say deaths and drove his car toward a crowd of people walking on the sidewalk near the Washington Monument. No one was injured in Cobb County, Georgia. Police are investigating a triple homicide over the week. Weekend at a country club. Jean Ciller, a golf pro at the Pine Tree Country Club, apparently went to talk to a man who had driven a pickup into a sand trap. Police say that's when Sylar was shot and killed. Two more bodies were found in the bed of the truck. This man John Lavender lives nearby. It's mind blowing Honestly,.

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