Johannesburg, Senate, Nathan Hager discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


As they deal with europe at fascinating to get that insight for europe in any case now meanwhile in the uk one of the country's main business lobby says britain should aim for a partial customs union with the eu once it quits the block of bloomberg's alex morales has the story gives you two directives said that prime minister theresa may should seek a customs deal covering industrial goods and purchased agricultural products with the eu that would allow those industries to remain competitive we'll giving britain the freedom to sent its own tariffs on other items including rule agricultural goods it said the proposal aims to navigate the path between striking a deal that protects business or giving britain new freedom after breaks in to pursue an independent trade policy in london alex morales bloomberg daybreak europe and sticking with the theme of breaks it the european union's chief breaks it negotiator michel danny is due to give a speech to kick off the munich security conference all saturday prime minister theresa may will also give her keynote where she is expected to advocate britain's continued cooperation russian with the eu on defence and security and other step in this effort by the uk government to provide clarity about it's a vision and its relationship with the eu off the brexit all wave getting that eu uk transition deal before the end of march in mind now in south africa cyril ramaphosa pledged not to disappoint as he was sworn in as president on thursday that was hours after the late night resignation of jacob zuma ended a weekslong power struggle in the ruling african national congress bloomberg's amazon batter reports from johannesburg grandma qualifers nomination was unopposed on thursday in the four hundred feet national assembly come up with a what the numbers maiden state of the nation address on friday outlining the government's plans for the ah he's staked his claim to the top post when replaced zuma as the leader of the anc in december in johannesburg among by top bloomberg daybreak europe but skase more headlines now from around the world full relates as the global news has loobox caroline heck marcus sign key the fate of nearly two million undocumented immigrants in the us has plunged into deep it down to action on capitol hill bloomberg's nathan hager reports from washington showed deserters were because foreign were senate majority leader mitch mcconnell after four proposals were rejected including a bipartisan plan to offer.

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