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In march of twenty twenty. It didn't really hit us at that point that it was going to be as bad as it was so. When did when did it kind of hit me like the mack that i'm imagining. It hit you so the first few weeks We said hey. We're going to have to hold off a little bit You know talk to corporate in talk to You know people were signing contracts with let them know that you know. Give it a few weeks. Nci goes You had people close to me that like hey a few days this will be over with Will be all right. We'll just see how it goes in in about a week or two and and everything will just blow over in an To to be honest my initial thought was This isn't going to end anytime soon. This is just going to get worse. And then it'll get worse again and it might get a little bit worse than before it starts getting any better. I did not expect it to get as bad as it was I thought maybe you know summertime. We'll be okay and I did. I did think like i actually just thought i didn't think too much about second business At the at that point. I thought we had to figure out a way to survive our original business Before even moving forward And then trying to figure a way out Once thinks kind of you know the dust settled. So what was your biggest obstacle that you've faced with the first business i was. I'm imagining you. You know had a shutdown to people coming in and eating in the cafe. What were some of the tools that you use to kind of sustain sustain touch with their customers keeping your customer served keeping business coming through the doors will Luckily we didn't have to completely close our doors. we didn't have to You know refuse any customers We did have to make a lot of changes So first thing we did was completely shut down our lobby. You know you put away all the chairs all tables Then we offered. We made quick transitions. We push people towards our app to ordering online We we offered curbside right away before really. Anyone else was I i don't know if anyone else was in the country in regards to the business that we have in tropical smoothie cafe. But we're like hey we'll take right you're right to your car and A lot of go orders We did have a few. I want to say maybe a few weeks a few months where we did. We had a very low amount of clientele. That was coming into our doors. It was very difficult. We had to shorten our hours We still have. I guess you wanna say like ours. Right now Just because of the times so Say we take it back to the beginning of twenty twenty are normal. Were from seven. Am to ten pm During the peak of you know the the not so good looking process of kobe in pandemic we had to shorten our hours to twelve.

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