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Exciting time for may But we've and when you look at our list of services that we have where we started with just basic business customer service of medical type courses that we taught we branched out We do personnel development. We do business strategies. We do human resources we do. Virtual human resources for people We even do health and wellness. And i'm yoga instructor and tai chi instructor. So we do that too So we just try to meet people where they are and provide the services that they need that that will really help them be successful whether it be a personal journey that they're on our business journey so we're just really concerned with the same people succeed. I tell you what. I paid a visit to your our website. The business website. I was just blown away and some person but someone may say well isn't that all the courses are how are they connected made his shiny object type of thing but no you hit the nail on the head. This you taichi. Yoga stress reduction self-development. All of that speaks to us really blossoming and maintaining and growing as entrepreneurs. I am totally excited. The h. r. people so now this for small part a small business that wants to have an employee handbook. Maybe they've taken on two or three people they don't need an hr department but they can come to you and find out how to get that book together all the laws of h. r. Oh my goodness so gosh. Would you offer our personal growth personal out. Professional education business age. Our business compliance. What had like an explain a little bit more about the one on one who really needs to come and work with you all one on one. Well it's been a really really interesting Transition and evolution. I guess in the business because several of my current clients are my former employers so They would come to me and tell me okay. We know that you're really good at compliance of since you left we haven't really kept up with you started when you were here. So could you come back in and you to manage this four. So i don't need to be in atlanta georgia. Anymore washington dc. I could be right here. In mississippi i still know the rules and the laws of the i still can look those things i think. Keep keep those businesses on track. As far as their compliance is concerned Had another Employer who reached out to me because they were Kind of stalled in their annual compliance. So no worries from me. We just developed a virtual training for them and now we just keep it up every year. We update everything and we. You know we do their annual training. Just ride online. And then i've oh. Wow it's a have gosh former. Will people churches that have worked with women's groups that i kind kinda worked with on a regular basis. I had a sweet little yoga class in a little small town in georgia. And when i moved to the coast they. We really miss each other. So i started doing online yoga for them. But it never occurred to me to make it You know to do it on a larger scale. I was just doing it for my friends in that little small women's group at the church. So that's i mean that's just how we evolved and you're right. I often people say it does look like i'm kind of all over the place but it's really neat because it's actually been a revolution into those things and then i have insurance companies that come to me and they need a specific type of training And because i've had a background in in in medical processes and procedures it super easy just to kind of make a few tweaks in our program and give insurance company something that they get used for training to whether it be a workplace conflict or team team building and development. That's one of my very favorite things. Because i love a personality assessments and a team building and helping Managers understand where their people fit in their in their plant in having the right person in the right seat in an organization is extremely important for success. Oh and a lot of times people just have have the right people but they have them in the wrong place. So finding out what people's strengths are what their aptitudes and abilities with their passions are what they actually like to do. You know That makes difference and sometimes an organization can take what they're doing made just a few adjustments and it makes a major impact the outcome just by the people that they have in the processes that they're doing their workflow process. You are a you remind me you remind all of us to take a look at what we know what we already know where we've been and what we can tweak and present and turn it into a business on my goodness you know the amount of hope that you are able to deliver and it in people's lives just because you're not just telling people how to do these things you have your done it and you're doing it and you're showing them how to do it. This is what businesses about about. She let tell me what you think. I believe that because of how things have changed this year in particular. Were never gonna go back. Some people never gonna go back to the office. And so we don't know about the work place culture in that type of thing how that's going to evolve who was going to take along with it so now if we all look at what. Our strengths are what our passions are. What even what we need to study. That's a business. It is a marker you know this is the age of the expert and if you're if any life lesson that you've had in the education that you have anything that people come to you and they ask your opinion or for help repeatedly of people are coming to you and asking you the same question over and over. Well guess what. You're an expert in that area. You know if people are coming to you for your opinion and help you can turn that into business online. Virtually and you can do things not just in your community or with your friends. But i mean you could do that globally because people now are looking for or people that do have those experiences that have been through that and you and i spoke months ago a as of one of the books and we were talking about finding your voice and the importance of getting your story out there. And how What you do and who. You are the experiences. Jim had can Services survival guide for other people. So you know it's imperative You know not only in business but also in life. I mean we each other. We are our own self help books you know just just turning to the people that we know and that we have in our network You know this is the time and i to me. I think it's incredibly exciting Because it opens up so many doors and so much possibility It's it's a little bit of self discipline to do those things and it takes a little bit of for folks. That aren't very tech. Savvy takes a little bit of tech help secure easy to find and when you have a network that you're you know that you that supports and encourages you and lifts you up and you have people in your network that are connectors out man. We've got a made and is this is the.

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