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Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. 5 15 to rob wood fork. All right, the highlight of the city open men's draw today hyattsville native Francis TFO set to take on Dutch challenger bhat Vande shop in a few minutes with a spot in the quarterfinals on the line. Did you know we are about to have our first taste of NFL football tonight to the Hall of Fame game in canton, Ohio kicks off a day for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Las Vegas Raiders in a battle of teams with new coaches and its year three for Ron Rivera in Washington. He's looking forward to taking his commanders training camp practices to FedEx field this weekend. I'm excited because from what I understand what we should have a pretty good turnout of fans there. And it'll be good for our guys. It'll ramp some things up. We're gonna do some live periods and try and get some of that excitement going for our players. I mean, we want to be able to make some contact. We want to be able to get these guys prepared to tackle going into the first pre season game. As they took it a bit easier today by removing the pads and practicing in the bubble today, read more on WTO P dot com, the nationals a couple hours from opening a 7 game road trip in Philadelphia, Noah syndergaard, making his debut for the home team, opposite the still winless Paolo espino, the Phillies today, cut DD Gregorius to make room for gene Segura coming back from the injured list. Rob woodfork WTO be sports. Thank you, rob. Now to the top stories we are following for you on WTO PEEP. Still following breaking news in southeast Washington where a library police officer is shot during a training exercise at the anacostia neighborhood library. She was rushed to the hospital and we've got a reporter heading to the scene. The White House declares a public health emergency taking measures to the next level as the monkeypox cases continue to rise. Russian court sentences WNBA superstar Brittany griner to 9 years for possessing cannabis oil when she arrived at an airport near Moscow. The unusually quick verdict came amid tensions with the U.S. over Russia's invasion of Ukraine, it could lead to a high stakes prisoner exchange. Stay with WTO for more on these stories and just minutes. A child's chances of climbing higher on the economic ladder than their parents has a lot to do with who their friends with, and a couple of parts of our region are on a list of places where this happens often. A new study calls this social connectedness and two Northern Virginia counties have more of it than most. Researchers scoured billions of Facebook friendships and determined kids from low income families have a better chance of success if they hang out with kids from wealthier families. The study published in the journal nature found wealthier parents tend to encourage

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