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She's also a very you know stout southern baptist church assure leader that kind of thing so it just never spoken about things so when i went to lay in and start doing dragos like come all the way now later in texas but then i forgot tell them that it's gonna be on drag race 'cause out there one day so i was like i never see that well my grandma's neighbor watch the show so she goes like doors you like sisters do you know the joke grant side is on tv as a why why am i going like so she called her and she's like now they tell me that you're going to the grocery store with the way you understand 'cause she thought she didn't know the differences in like you know gay or or transfer drag you any of those different different ways we express ourselves so i was like open the conversation and it actually forced me to have the conversation with her was like gram you know 'em mrs doubtfire she's like oh i love mystified and i'm like yeah the jags i i said well what i'm doing is kinda like mrs doubtfire andy in it in that way and it's entertainment but i said but they're different parts of or comedian you know turn out of the whole combo with her so overtime she got to really enjoy not only the show although when she'd watching she'd be like i don't like when those girls talking bad about you but not a big reality tv person honest that she would just watch the parts amazon and then go to the kitchen and do stuff but 'em to this day now it's funny because on her wall in her house in paris texas yes for pictures right she's got 'em john f kennedy martin luther king junior obama jesus co author ash angela okay ends rag and she always get a kick out of she'll say my physical therapy man came the other day and he said that shows a pretty young lady lady grant son should come all yeah shrouded in except g and loving in wrote that when my dad really never it wasn't the picture my parents split when i was very young in my dad's saudi arabia he went back there to take care of his parents i've never really had a relationship with my dad nor 'em really know much about that side of my ancestry will find out one day i'm sure i'll do it ancestry dot com and do a whole pilgrimage but you know it's really cool to say that though because i made a lot of people in performing around the world a just last year i did a hundred eighty four cities tour around the world animals booked what's that all so while i about four years ago i start a management company called say entertainment andy myself my partner ron davis we manage a not only my a touring but also listen edwards 'em monday cart firm repositories drivers a couple of the queen's so yeah we put together that torito's nonstop and i thought oh twenty nineteen come home and taking a nap but this year is also been pretty nonstop but in in saying that when you go to places like you know i've been able to perform on a military base and i'm on jordan ah performed in dubai opposite second drag queens ever perform a in dubai andy going those plays the meeting people even from saudi arabia who are gay but can't be openly gay it's it's nice that they know they have someone with a similar heritage it's out here you know living out their life just 'cause you just 'cause you're gay does not mean you're gonna do drag own now or or or that is in your personality and i i imagine like you know realizing that you're gay this is one a step in your life than like be comforting courage to put on a dress and be a woman a it's a whole different steps and winded winning how did you get comfortable doing that like being in drag in in public i think for me and everyone has a different journey in there's so many different types and facets of drag some people getting dragged to give a female illusion some imitate popstars some just getting dragging it's kind of like a whole gender non binary kind of thing we even have women they get and dragging their called bio queens that performing competing pageants for me a i think i became most comfortable after repulsed drag race see her.

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