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Theatre here on your favorite station. An episode of the mysterious traveler as it was originally broadcast on Tuesday April fourth nineteen fifty in the newspapers of that Tuesday. Seventy years ago. These were some of the headlines. The Chinese nationalist announced that planes of Russian origin shot down two nationalist spiders over Red China Sunday. The announcement implied that the planes bore Chinese communists insignia but gave no clue to the nationality of their pilots. This was the first aerial opposition encountered by the nationalist in four years of civil war. General Arab dejection yesterday in both camps that they hurry bridges perjury trial as the tire jury. Which took the case. Friday continued ernest deliberations. Both prosecution depends on their chances of an early verdict vanish. Bridges President of the CIO Longshoremen's union slumped in his weary chair looked white and weary the government charged. He was perjured himself at his nineteen forty-five citizenship hearing. I swear. He never was a communist to Codependence Henry Schmidt and JR Robertson fellow officers. The Longshore Union were charged with conspiracy. They were bitches witnesses at the naturalization hearing the maybe said last night the nearest thing to applying saucer it ever developed has not flown since nineteen forty seven. The navy made the statement in commenting on an article in. Us News and World Report. The magazine said engineers have concluded the report and saucers are jet powered. Planes Revolutionary Design developed by the Navy. It's experiments along those lines. Don't account for the recently revived reports of saucers that according to the navy it said one three thousand pound muddle of a pancake shaped plane designed for it by Charles H Zimmerman of the chance. Spot Aircraft Corporation was flown several times. But it hasn't flown since nineteen forty seven a confidential memorandum to the State Department advocating maximum flexibility of. Us policy in the Far East as a means of stabilizing relations with Russia was made public yesterday by Owen. Lattimore who wrote the memo. Seven months ago he council against premature or accessories deployment in the strategic. Far Eastern Area and said that. Us support prochaine check does more harm than good to US interests. Will it take psychology to handle a woman? Even if she's only five when Little Marlene Johnson of Oshawa Ontario locked herself in the bathroom. Her parents fled for two hours to get her to come out and called in the firemen. The cheap another's pleaded in vain than Oscar Thompson. The firemen with a child of his own said. If you come out we'll give you a ride on the big red firetruck. No answer will ring the Bell and blow the Siren and people will run out of your way. The door flew open shanty. She came out shopping when she got her ride. Though some of the day's top news stories reported in the newspapers of Tuesday April fourth nine thousand nine hundred fifty on your radio the mysterious traveler which continues now on Classic Radio Theater. I don't like people who stare sorry Haven't we met before? No I always remember people with bad manners. You still have stated Your Business Mr to guard. I'm looking for Mr Bates. John Bateson Mister Bay three except Miss Debate in the office tomorrow morning. Oh then you've seen him Spoken to him by no not yet. Plane earlier arrived two hours ago. Well the plane arrived but Mr Bates didn't he? Didn't you must be mistaken. We have a letter here from him. That says he wasn't on the plane. I Know How do you know? I boarded that plane in Singapore with Bates beside him. All the way to Hawaii got to know quite a bit about him after. Awhile Mr Gary. If you say he didn't arrive this afternoon I suppose. He didn't possibly decided to spend a few days in Hawaii. You're wrong game wrong. Yes because he told me was in a hurry to get to San Francisco. In fact we had things on the same plane Jason Seats. I see what do you make of it? Well this I do know. I Live Baits in the air terminal in Hawaii to buy some cigarettes when I turned to look for him. I caught sight of him going out the door with a woman. You're staring again. Toget- Yes you know. Something thought the woman I saw Bates leave with. She looked like you. That that's preposterous. While he missed where be spent the weekend at her lodge and the mountains. You don't say we do say hope it stands up. What do you make Let's skip the preliminaries. I'm betting that if the police found out what I know it would give them an entirely different slant on the whole disappearance that Weekend in the mountains would stand up lance you. If he got up how much swanky office you have here. How much you know on that plane trip. I managed to get quite a bit of information out of Bates told me he hadn't seen the states in twenty five years alone in the world. No relatives what are you getting at. The office force expects to see John Bates here tomorrow morning right well. They're going. Oh why are you talking about the matter Mr Reich girl? Don't you recognize your partner? John Bates now. That's the price we won't pay outlets. That'd be too hasty. Look this way. If I'm John Bates than John Bates can't be missing. Which means there will be no need to notify the police starting investigation which may end the have who knows where from the looks of this business. I'm sure there's enough for three. No I'm afraid I can't take that as an answer tomorrow morning at exactly nine thirty. Am I'm going to walk into the reception room of this company? The rest will be.

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