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The league the disco daddy's wide world of fear pot we'd like to send a big shout out to the first lady of here pop m c shara sharon jackson as a pioneering female you set a standard an open doors we may never fully gauge the depth of your influence on here pop as a culture salute with full honours queen shara wnyc in new york i'm david first a judge approved the settlement stemming from new york city board of elections illegal voter perch wnyc's bridget bergen reports that means the clock is ticking for the new york city board of elections first it must review voters removed from the rule since july 1st 2013 and restore anyone removed illegally at the same time it must create a detailed remedial plan in ninety days documenting how it will legal we maintain the voter rolls as a rosenberg is with the lawyers committee for civil rights under law one of the groups that sued he says this could have broader implications this sort consent decree could very well served as a model who uh other jurisdiction is bad present the same problems as as new york city did the board of elections did not respond to requests for comment black babies in new jersey are three times more likely to die before their first birthday than white babies according to the record newspaper the state has one of the largest racial gaps for infant mortality rates in the country reporter for the record linde washburn says the data can be summed up in more concrete terms fifth black babies were unlikely to survive their first year and white baby that there would be five mark kindergarten classes that they would be 95 my children who had survive washburn says there is not a single caused that is contributing to the inequity the infant death rate for black baby.

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