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Rite Aid bed bath and target Clean nose healthy life Ten 38 Traffic and weather on the 8s Carlos Ramirez is in the traffic center Thank you so much a new accident scene on the southbound side of the Baltimore Washington Parkway looks like it's currently blocking that ramp that takes you onto route 32 so 32 is your destination and if you're headed southbound on the BW Parkway you're going to need to opt for a different route Keep that in mind No delays behind it though that's the good news If you're headed out of the district watch out for this one If you're planning on taking the Roosevelt bridge from the Potomac freeway it's completely jammed up right now It looks like you can't quite reach the Roosevelt bridge right now If traffic is getting by it is squeezing by unclear what's blocking the roadway however If you're also leaving the district across a 14th street bridge that's headed on three 95 southbound work crews along the right letting by the left side If you're headed southbound on D.C. two 95 watch out for all the work that they've got going on on to 95 the delays began right at about Pennsylvania avenue They take you all the way down toward the suitland Parkway then you got on and off slowdowns headed past Malcolm X avenue The delays are also stretching onto the 11th street bridge So if you're headed eastbound on the southeast Southwest freeway you are going to be met with those brake lights as you head over towards two 95 Now why is it happening while you only have a single lane getting by Looks like it's a single right lane as you head down past the suitland Parkway In addition to that the road is all torn up from the work So it's all rough and folks are very much needing to slow down That's all right Pack your patients It's better to get there Keep all your tires intact If you're headed northbound after Malcolm X avenue you also have a work zone looks like only the left lane is getting by past that one much shorter delay but a delay nonetheless watch out for it Down in Virginia 66 eastbound you got the work crew only letting you buy a single lane on your approach towards the beltway It looks like the ramp to the inner loop is currently blocked as well Westbound single lane gets by there as you approach the beltway past the fairfax county Parkway on 66 westbound got the right lane blocked for an incident The identity verification company committed to digital equity and access opening doors for all Americans more at ID dot me slash hour promise Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic Now Samara Theodore Tonight Temperatures are falling into the upper 40s low 50s We are quiet overnight Tomorrow plenty of sunshine high temperatures for your Friday round 71 72° by Saturday where cooler as well with highs of the low 70s still nice though A chance for showers Saturday afternoon So keep that in mind by Sunday high temperatures will likely peak in the upper 50s Noticeably.

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