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It's Saturday morning and the next segment of the home and appliance show is brought to you. By S P s glass. Why? Oh, SPS glass sparked by golly, If there's a giant of a man in the industry who installs egress windows, Chuck, Chuck Guy is that guy? He'll dig a hole in the side of your Wall. Billion stolen egress window, So should somebody be down there and there's a fire in the house. And they can't get out. You will be charged with a crime and go to prison. It's a simple is that folks if you've got somebody in the basement striping there and the kids playing or whatever. You need an egress window on. He's the expert at it. Call SPS Blast blogged phone numbers 844. 482 73 78. That's 844482 73 78. We've got another big 45 minutes to go plenty of time to still help you with your appliance repair questions. And now the good time to call So you don't jam us at the end, we could help you out. Well, if you give us a call right now, 800 8590 W J R Give us a call. 808 590957. Well, we come back. We're gonna be talking to Dan and Lavonia. I'm Donald Hammer. Schuster, and we're just moments away from the next segment of the home of a client show with consumer advocate and appliance. Dr Joe Gannon. Our signal's coming through the command Central of the new Center area. Midtown Detroit, The Golden Tower, the fish. Building wear the great voice of the Great Lakes Way are weird. Detroit comes to talk way are 7 60 W. J. R. Michigan's restaurants are being hit hard right now, and they need our support. Many are providing carry out delivery and curbside pickup to ensure its safe and easy for the community to take part. And as you think about Gift this year. Consider a gift that benefits not.

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