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Well another thing we wanted to pick your brain about was you're very open about your struggle with ocd and you know on our podcast to talk about coping mechanisms with anything in general because it's all relative you know however your anxiety manifests or whatever the root of it is when you told me that you were struggling with ocd and you had found like therapist this is years ago i was like what benita yoho cd of course i was like no doubt sure you know i do but like i don't see turning the light switches on offer yeah very shallow with my idea of what i mean i have a question on that like how did you realize that it was that it was impacting your life in like a certain way because i'm sure like i mean it has to come to a point where it's impacting your life and then you're just like all right let's go and seek some help yet so it was kinda crazy so is something that i've dealt with my whole life but i never knew that's what it was i thought that's like how were you know like everyone's just stressed out and has a racing heart and stomach churning time like that's just light few guys live normal what really spurred like this like big bout of it that i was having was i got engaged so big big life changes always yeah definitely like kick it up and.

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