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A complaint about the common speaker john berko has been referred to the police spokesman for the metropolitan police said an allegation of misconduct in public office was being assessed mr burke who was reported to the common standards watchdog this week over claims he called the leader of the commons andrea leads him a stupid woman mr berko has also been accused of bullying too former private secretaries claims he denies thousands of prisoners could be released to work on a temporary license under a government strategy to count reoffending under proposals being an answer by the justice equity david gawk a new body will be set up to match employers with offenders is have affairs reporter john ironmonger this thirtythree page strategy sets out of vision to put a fenders entering prison immediately on the path to employment while helping to cut the fifteen billion pound daniel cost of reoffending there'll be a consultation it says about getting more riskassessed prisoners into workplaces on temporary licenses governors it'd be given greater control over the education of prisoners businesses will be lobby to employ ex offenders and could be given a holiday from national insurance contributions north korea has threatened to abandon a planned summit with donald trump next month because what it called stupid remarks by the us vice president mike pence mr pens told an american news channel that north korea could end up like libya that the us will still considering military options in the region a senior north korean foreign ministry official said it was entirely up to the us weather the two sides came together in a meeting room or in a nuclear showdown police are questioning a nineteen year old man on suspicion of preparing acts of terrorism he was arrested last night in bishop's stortford in hartford shareware property has been searched by officers scotland yard said their inquiries will linked to to further arrests in london last week italy's prime minister designate giuseppi kante will begin assembling his cabinet today mr cocktail law professor with no political experience is expected to take several days to form his team our correspondent james reynolds reports from rome italy knows three things about each newly designated prime minister he's possibly overplayed the extent of his studies at foreign universities he took a regular public taxi to go and see the president and he is at best the third most powerful figure in the administration he's now putting together just content was paid just prime minister by the two rival party leaders who had the new coalition luigi de mayo from five stop and motto salvini.

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