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Continue on the sports leader Yeah we've already had Sam spear the great horse racing guy called in Tim and what was. The vet. We did years ago it wasn't, it wasn't brush with great Sam. Call it, a. Brush with fame thank you Sam Bradford Fame's we'll take a few calls on this and Dirk Nowitzki just out of nowhere by back for. His twenty first season in Dallas that'll be an all time record playing with one team in the NBA twenty one seasons and just to think he could have gone, to Cal Rick's. In, walnut. Creek you're on KABC Hello Rick Good, morning Yes How are? You, good. Rick what do you? Have, well about back in the mid, eighties I was back in Chicago visited some old high school? Friends Guy my guy I'm saying with lived in Highland Park And he was at work and, he called me back up at his house. And said meet me out front and fifteen minutes I got, a surprise for you? You pick, me up we drive up to this place, in Skokie and all these people around I go what are we doing he goes we're, going to a private Chicago Bulls shootarounds And, I said how can you get in there And, he goes well I'm a official. At the, bulls, fantasy camp, in the off season I. Said. Okay he goes, introduce you to Michael Jordan wow This, is before Jordan one is first, title as we go into this. Weight room, in, walkies guys, you know here comes BJ. Armstrong And they're all walking just carrying. Their own bag no entourage no Leaning up against. The, wall in watts Michael. Jordan carrying a Nike bag by himself well he was pretty. Great you know he was, a great player right from the get-go, he hadn't won the championships. But he was still everybody. Would say look out bird lookout magic here's a kid in Chicago that's going to be the king one day when he was he. Nice with. People I couldn't move my buddy elbows being. He does come on We walk. Up to and my buddy goes by, red, from California's out he, wanted to go up and say Hello..

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