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The in the movie, you know, Jody's character says you just another ex hippie who swapped beat beads for bombs, and and I loved the idea of a character that was. Very that is now like one of those Malibu billion as the west size in dollar Kashmir sweatpants, and, and so the character became and that led to instead of it being, you know, been a Russian mob boss. I feel like it would have been tougher to kinda cost originally role, but because he became the wolf king, you know, even his name is based on the first John Phillips solo album. If he did. That allows me to think outside of the box who could cost. And that's why the unlikely idea of Jeff Goldblum mob boss, ca came to fruition. Partly that party was I loved him in deep cover, empower get love, deep. Good. He is as a bad guy in that movie. And I also I wanted the wolf kings a character. I mean, again, like the he's an interesting character because basically everyone in the movie knows how awful he is, but he so charming that it kind of hides one of the secrets of the movies of the movie, even though he's literally cooled, the Wolfgang he is actually a wolf in sheep's clothing. He's wearing white and he's called the wolf king, but he kind of and Jeff was a brilliant vehicle for that kind of charm. And then the last thing is I have to let you go is, is Jody and she calls your new on the table rate and she has no idea how to play the character which works out, but the characters were the interesting you say she's sixty five years. Old nurse, Jody is ten years younger. And it is a role is lacking in the fantasy. I would expect from a list actor rife, golf. She's an old ladies wrinkles. You see, it's the reason she hunted down. She actually said, you know, she, she was referring to Daniel Day-Lewis actually. And she said the boys get to play characters. And the girls usually just have to play version of themselves on on board of that. And and so she threw herself into the change to be this character. And I agree is a wonderfully on unselfconsciously unveiling performance. She wears like an old lady, subtle old lady fatso underneath her clothes. She, you know her makeup. We have this amazing makeup artist, Los bow will who who. Wanted to shoe perspectives completely, which I was very happy with because say off, very difficult to act through. But instead you soup old school almost like golden era, Hollywood techniques to accentuate Jody's age and push it forward ten years. And then Jodi spent a ton of time. You know, working on her war can have an older person moves, and also, you know, the nurse definitely a big drinker and pill taika, and so Jodi wanted that to be reflected in the makeup. And she just, she just, you know, Jodi Jodi should be doing this for fifty two years. She really knows get inside a character. Amazing, his win. It's a to this been in your head, and she takes boom, runs with it on the first day. You see her on sat standing because even the thing you also have, it was nowhere close to how good she is. The nurse in the film very Leslie drew is, is echo, is he what? Tony stark would have been HUD? You've label the right on fettered Chris Hewitt's that's very accurate and and brilliant assumption and entirely true. It's the hallway I came at the Acapulco character was what? What would actually happen if you had a billionaire arms dealing LA character, he would just not be as charming as Tony even is in Afghanistan. I mean, obviously Tiny's genius and Fulco isn't. But what a, what an arms dealer in in. In Los Angeles would be would be one of the classic LA douche bags that drives a pup Lamborghini up and down sunset strip. I'm parties with seventeen year old, Russian prostitutes, and and so he was absolutely this idea of kind of like bizarro world, Tony stock there we go, Brunell dunk, good spot indeed. Well, atmosphere here is welcome by the Twitter and thanks actually pleasure. Definitely. It's not going to happen ever. Gonna get. That's just some spam bull goading trolls. Mander antic. He's been placement. Okay. That was drew Pearson as you know. This.

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