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Like nashville's natthin fans that would disagree with you wear go back to the seventy montreal canadiens the new york islanders with mike in all teams the nashville inflict acute story golden state's latrell nationals the eighth seed they're not they don't have hall of famers on this ross of an interesting story in the eighth seed looking thing going on to be amazing no but the reason were talking a golden state alltime is 'cause golden state is an alltime team that the current one oh god yes yes this current one and that's what i'm talking about now this current well why we're current national team in other gray no they're an eightseat they're not a great they're not a great team this year tie and cocky fans had disagree with you on that young they're not listening their sharpening their skates have you ever think no have you ever to kids happy a no i will say this out of all like the soccer moms and the parents than people who go crazy for their kids sports hockey parents that is worth watching in the stands we'll take your word for i promise you and finally i'm probably my favorite story of the day aside from the justin bieber one is that jason garrett has now come out and said that he wants his players to celebrate touchdowns which is very similar to a jerry jones to track even they figured out the millennial secret of that kids gravitate towards the dak prescott as he kill elliot so now they want them to celebrate touchdowns which is what i have been saying for the last year if you want colonials and kids to be watching football you have to let them have fun because kids want to have fun and why should may because exports.

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