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Trust fund fans. And I think there is a hubris of packers fans who just say, get them out of here. Rogers is too weird. The rich eisen show. How dare you celebrate that man's departure? Earlier on the show. Former NFL general manager, Thomas Dimitrov. Still to come. Packers wide receiver, Christian Watson, NFL network insider Tom palisado. And now. It's a rich I said. Our number two of the rich eisen show is on the air. Christian Watson of the Green Bay Packers about to chime in here on program. We just talked momentarily, moments ago with Thomas de mitrov, the former general manager of the Atlanta Falcons last hour. He had some interesting things to say. He thinks the Panthers absolutely traded up to go get somebody in mind and that they're just doing due diligence tire kicking right now. His first initial thought was it's CJ Stroud and he's like, no on the owner, the owner probably you can watch a lot of college football and I know Ohio State fans will say, hey, we won some too. But getting somebody from Alabama is somebody that he might actually kind of dig. Getting Bryce young and they won't be concerned about the height or anything like that. He also said that he thinks it's Arthur smith's call in Atlanta and that Arthur's just not interested in changing things around and changing horses in midstream just because the ravens and Lamar Jackson can't figure out how to work a long-term contract together. It's what his thoughts were. That the general manager all do he all due respect to Terry Fonda. And he's also said part of the reason why the falcons might be in that mindset is they just got out of cap hell because as some guy who used to be there was a funny line that Thomas was dead. Pretty funny. You know? That deal with Matt Ryan kind of strapped them for a little bit, but now they're clear of it. Right. Now they're clear of it. I kind of like what they've done. They've definitely improved the roster and if you feel good about Ritter and you bring Heineken, a guy who's proven that he can spot start and win some games, then away we go. I think they really like Desmond Ritter. I think they really like the kid from Cincinnati. He's a winner. He's very mature for somebody who's in just a year or two. He's a father. He's already got a family going. He's an adult in the room. He's an adult in the room. I think that was one of the many attributes ascribed to Ritter that put him up a lot of people's draft boards last year. But he wasn't a first round talent, and that's why a lot of people are looking and saying, so why are you sticking with this young kid who's not a first round talent? And overlooking Lamar Jackson in response right there might be, well, a quarterback who's not a first round talent, damn near when the Super Bowl this year? Look what Jalen hurts is done in two years is the full-time starter in Philadelphia. What he's turned himself into. Why can't Desmond Ritter do that? Obviously different games. Different games that they have, but that was basically I appreciated Thomas giving voice to knowing how things work there in Atlanta for a lot of Lana falcons fans out there who might be thinking, what is happening? Why are we not going for Lamar Jackson right now? I think that that is just not going to happen. So Lamar's market keeps dwindling as we are heading towards a draft that is 5 weeks from tonight and I look up on the screen and I see Frank Reich having an animated fun conversation with Bryce young. The date is so much bigger than Bryce here. The day after and it's interesting that you say this because he's looking down, if you will, at Bryce young. He's got a good 5, 6 inches on him. It looks like. And the photograph that we showed an hour number one, you want to pop it up again, Hoskins, I saw you had it from Ohio State athletics. He's looking eye to eye with CJ Stroud. I mean, literally eye to eye standing eye to eye with him. Frank Mike Gavin and John, but yeah. And that's why everybody thinks it's drought because Frank likes big tall quarterbacks. All right, how about this one, rich, according to Aaron Wilson, who covers the Texans for KPR C two down in Houston, says Andre Hopkins trade market is headlined by the Buffalo Bills. Per sources. Financial expectations might impact any further interest from the chiefs, ravens, not among the bidders. Wow, baby. Big hop in Davis. Well, Mike Hoskins, rich eisen show coordinating producer, odd that he'd be up on this sort of thing since wait a minute. He's a die hard western New Yorker. Die hard is not even doing it justice. So Deandre Hopkins posted the song buffalo soldier on his Instagram yesterday. Hey, oh. Maybe he's listening to some Marley? Maybe. Okay. Am I reading this right? Well. This is, this is what should happen. As you know, I've been talking about some other scenarios involving the bills, the one that I thought they should go peg and go get as Derek Henry. He might not be available. Because Tennessee might not be rebuilding. And wanting to start

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