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The twenty first of october and they're estimating it's going to sell for one point four to one point eight million dollars. Us dollars here. That's that's a healthy some for a ceratops in as you can imagine. There are debates online about this about it being sold. Yeah just dinosaur skeleton going to auction. Yeah i mean. I don't think that's without. I don't think that's outside the realm of something. That museum could pay early some of the bigger museums. Yeah maybe so. If somebody really wanted. I think it could end up in a museum but the bigger question is is there enough data that was collected with it to make it something that a museum watts already being like fully prepared somewhere. And it's just like a big pretty triceratops than that's not as interesting for museums as if they did the preparing or they know all the details about where it came from and have good documentation and all that kind of stuff true. The having so much of the skull complete is interesting. That's cool. i didn't realize that seventy five percent of the skull was unusual me either because we always hear about or see big sarah topsy and skulls. Yeah but it's always hard to tell how much of it is original plaster the slap dot after that's true but sixty percent of the skeleton in general is definitely a lot. 'cause yeah you find a lot of ceratops skulls. But you don't find a ton of sarah topsy and ribs and vertebrae things like that So we'll see what happens in yokohama. Japan at the pacifico. Yokohama convention center. They've got a dinosaur display right now called dino science the dinosaurs of layer media and that includes another triceratops known as lane. Wayne tracy adopts. I liked the all these names. They also have on display a gorgeous oars with a brain tumor another young triceratops and a young t. rex and they've got. Cg images of dinosaurs sounds good. Yeah they exhibitions on from now until september twelfth. You do have to make reservations at least for weekends. I think it gets pretty crowded and lane. The triceratops is on loan from the houston museum of natural science. So if you're in houston anything that's really cool. You probably see lane at a later date. Yeah they might have put a replica on display or something true in new zealand. I'm gonna try to pronounce this but we couldn't find a pronunciation online the weary nakae where tonga museum trust. Yes it has exhibit called dinosaur revolution secrets of survival. And that was made by louis vera and gondwana studios you can see fossil castle nest of dinosaur eggs animatronic dinosaurs at big t. Rex towering over. An armored dinosaur couldn't tell which one exactly by the picture. Yeah that's all it can do can only tower over it. I'm sure i'm sure there was a time where it did damage to something in the back. Yeah i mean they coexisted with ankylosaurs and those are pretty tough. Yeah that's true. I'm thinking they just looked at them and thought man. I wish i could eat that when i can't. I don't wanna get clubbed head exhibits over now until denver. Twenty six and i think it's a travelling exhibit. So i wonder if it'll end up anywhere else after all right now we're getting into dinosaur. Media is a new show coming out garrett at the end of the month september thirtieth call the dinosaurs. Is this a flintstones related. Things here is about pebbles and bam bam i kinda liked pebbles and bam bam. Yeah they hang out with dino in the crags which is like samari outside a bedrock. They're little older than in the original original series of babies. Another older kids old enough to hang out in the crags as though like they run into a lot of dinosaurs. I really like the stock. Couldn't remember what it reminded me of bitter. Writing me of the animation style reminds me of some shows. I really like that. I wish i remembered for some reason. When you're describing this. I just assumed it was live action. Because i feel like everybody's turning all the cartoons into live action but it's still a cartoon. Yes it is so. I'm looking forward to it. I'll watch one episode is. There's a lot of dinosaurs. I'll enjoy it. yeah. I'm really hoping there are the very least. They've got dino. Yes tino dino's just like a whatever. The dog equivalent of anthropomorphic is like dog pro morphou ke- or something like they turned a dinosaur into a dog. So it's okay. But it's not very dinosaur still a sewer bud dino supposed to be a sore pot i thought so i thought it was a hadrosaur. Pretty sure shirts sore pod it's so generic looking. It's like it could be whatever you want it to be. A better shows are bias. It doesn't look like an ankylosaur to be. Well yeah that'd be hard to pull off more than anything. It looks like your much happier than a europe. Yeah if we end up liking hampshire. We'll talk about it on the show. There was another preview of jurassic world dominion too but i think they're spoilers here. Okay i'll take your word for it so he'll wanna know guess fast forward a little bit here. They showed about ninety seconds of a preview at cinema con. Two thousand twenty one and there were a lot of different scenes in that ninety seconds so colorado told people at the film. Drastic dominion is looking to answer the question. If dinosaurs lived amongst us would you be safe. that's what i was hoping it'd be like The answer is no. I would die immediately here. A lot of dreams about this as a kid. I've explored it from multiple angles and all answers lied to me getting eaten now. Good thing that's not happening so there were a few articles about this and one of them. I think it was the gizmodo article. They said you know. I've tried to remember everything but there so much flashing ninety seconds. Don't remember all the details exactly but yes. Some of the scenes were like a pair of brackish. Zora's being led by a bunch of vehicles in snow covered query. So there snow. I think we might have known about the snow earlier. We heard about where they were shooting. After we were just talking about how. Ted hanover's need warm environments and have high body temperatures rate. Wonder about this. Maybe these breakfasts aren't trying to lay eggs so it's okay. Oh good point. Yeah and then. You've got own grady. Riding a motorcycle after some dinosaurs. There's a couple of scenes of elliott. Sadler is one where she's in a lab and then one where she's in some cajun water's pouring in does a rampaging t rex screaming officer risk screaming to love that was described. Yeah also trae. Sarah taps smashing a jeep. I guess to lavas or has made quite a roar before it spit the venom in the first drastic park. And that's what they're gonna kill it on. I think there's going to be a lot of call backs probably There's obviously shots. Have alan grant ian malcolm clear during. She's being chased by possibly rafter. Then there's a clip of a moses or eating a helicopter. what's the thing moses. Sores really liked to eat. Chunks of metal never had the chance before so it's meant to be a conclusion to all the other previous five movies which is where. I think there might be call backs. Yeah that's how it goes. You make six in a row and then you go back and you do the prequels and then you do the inbetween like star. Wars in the yeah. I guess they only did three before. Doing prequels yeah hope. It's not the end the end they're still camp cretaceous. Maybe there'll be some other. Spinoffs looking forward to dominion so jurassic.

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