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Studio happy Earth Day to you. Oh, it is her day. Yeah. You're supposed to take a shower with your best friend or your wife or something to save water. It's all about best friend. It's all about saving water. That's what about Don when my wife is my best friend. All there you go. All right things this morning that listen for Earth Day capital metro is taking more steps to go. Green today. April the twenty second Earth Day and capital metro is planning to announce they'll be all tearing down the old Certa building to make room for several electric buses. Yeah. Capital? Metro tested electric buses in twenty eighteen the expected to buy as many as ten of them that will be reportedly. It's gonna cost you about eleven million dollars and after testing out several bus companies camper, metro selected pro terra. That's the name of the company electric buses have an estimated range of one hundred one hundred and fifty miles between charges and we'll be recharged. Overnight. H one is a little different depending on the size and the manufacturer. But the vehicle could take up to about eight hundred thousand dollars versus a diesel bus. They cost about five. Hundred thousand dollars at according to the president and CEO at capital Mitchell headquarters, the company said also getting twenty four new buses in the metro fleet. So there you go get some electric buses to go about a hundred miles hundred and fifty miles on a full charge. Okay. All right. Well, I would rather buses before trains make the bus system work in a soon as that's full up. Then maybe we'll against range down the road might do the most you can with that. No. That's not the way that the city generally thinks about things, but I would recommend they make the most of that. Right. Well, this would be the first real test of electric power. Yeah. Let's far as getting buses going in this. We'll see how many ladies have done it. How many stalled buses are? We're going to have how many dead buses are. We're going to have on the road that have run out of juice while I guess that's possible. Let me I'm sure it has some kind of alarm system says, hey, get back to the bus Martin and plug in his spare battery pack or just all you do just pull over and plug in someone somewhere and sit there for the next twelve hours. Listen to the city of Austin wants landlords to stop using. Criminal history as a reason to deny a lease application. They say this all ties to what the city calls institutional racism, according to Austin, Travis county, reentry roundtable, non whites more often denied an apartment rental because of their criminal past Todd is made pretty clear that outright bans are not permitted under the fair housing laws and that the rest record should not be considered. There you go. Now the group's. Helen Gabler says the city needs some new regulations, including limits on how many years back landlord can search and what actually constitutes a crime anytime if they did have screening criteria. There was no indication of what actually fell within a particular offense category. It was very vague very overbroad delegate Bush's with that reentry roundtable. And she says, well, here's what she said. They fall outside of that three year period. There would be no basis for denying them housing based on their criminal record. Certain felonies would be set aside for. Visual review? But the overall goal is to make it to make denial of an application as difficult as possible. She says there's no data Ted in that way. There is no doubt. And we're every day more and more landlords business owners. You name it or being told who you can hire. And who you cannot hire. Who you're supposed to hire? Who you're not supposed to hire? This is unacceptable. No. We can't not hire somebody based on race or sexual preference or religion. I got that. And I'm all for giving a former convicts a second chance. However, if I'm a landlord in. I just don't feel good about this person. I don't feel good about it black or white read, whatever. And I don't feel good about it. I should be able to say, you know, what we're gonna pass. We really should. I this is a bad bad precedent being sit here sent here. And you know, it's almost like they just don't want to really. If if it does happen to be that. The statistics are more non whites or committing crimes than whites. We that. Just can't be right. It just can't be acceptable. It's just it's just wrong. And that's just institutional racism period. End of story. The data is the data whatever whatever I'm not trying to make his statement here. But this has nothing to do with race whatsoever. Has nothing to do with religion. If you have a criminal record. It's because you committed a crime. Yes, that's correct. Lack white green, whatever. Whatever the color of your skin. Is it does not apply in this story? However, that's why she wants to make it more and more black people are being denied an apartment because of their criminal records, not because of the color of their skin. It might be that they have a credible criminal record. But it's more based on how the landlord might be feeling about. Maybe the person just has the landlord has a bad feeling gut feeling that this is a bad idea. Only gutten always follow your dog. That's it man. That's it and show. It's overreach. Oh, big time. All right jump in here at five one two eight three six zero file ham to let them live there. Yes. So the tourism commission wants the Austin. City council to revisit possibly make some changes to an ordinance covering short term rentals with the goal of increasing the amount of hotel occupancy tax money that's coming into the city. Yeah. This commission voted unanimously this month at a meeting to revisit the 2016 ordinance. Covering local STR short term rentals specifically the mechanism. It provides for collecting taxes from properties advertised on platforms such as Airbnb at home away. Now, the resolution also as staffers to conduct analysis to determine how much uncaptured money is actually, you know, what play compared to what's collected by the state. Thanks to the agreements that protect user information on listing platforms in exchange for turning over tax payments now issue the city's desire to have an online platform providing information on individual properties listed on the site, which would help the city enforce its permitting and other regulation of this burgeoning industry. Yes. TR's platforms have previously offered deals with the city that would. Would have them pay hotel motel taxes owed while providing you know, some aggregate data those agreements also sought forgiveness for all previous on collect taxes. Basically, the city wants more information on who's renting these property not just the tax money that could be collected. Sure. But they should be subjected to the same taxes that you'd be subjected to if you're staying at the Marriott or if you're staying at Jim and Karen's house, right? So yeah. Not my not my not my favorite thing in the world. But yeah, it should be subject. Nice. It's just a personal thing. It's it's not not our state in an Airbnb. Have you ever rented your home out as part of an Airbnb? Hell, no, no, no. Then how come you? Don't let. No, you have no idea. You're not familiar with it. I would never rent my home out to do that ever. Not not in a million years. Would I do that that that's a bizarre concept to make people that just don't it's my home, if semi this my stuff, this is my domain. I couldn't imagine doing that. I'm not critical. If you do do that. I'm just saying it's not my thing you'd have to get the trap ease out of the living room. Yeah. You'd have to remove the stripper pole in the kitchen move, the and dead cats. You're dead cats. Yeah. You'd have to make some changes. Exactly. But you you just don't like the idea of a stranger being in your home. I don't I don't have to do it. That's correct. How about your neighbor? Would you have a problem if your neighbor was leasing their home out on a weekly? Yeah. Would are a really really really would. I really would you don't know your neighbors. Now, we're getting to know, you know, it. It's amazing. How you know our neighbors you may be living next door to somebody that rinse their home out. You have no idea. I could be I could be a problem. I wouldn't be. So I just I just want that known quantity next to me. No, you don't know your neighbors. Now, I know him well enough, I know him well enough. But but again, don't I'm not putting you down. If that's what you wanna do with your home. Go ahead. It's a bizarre concept to me someone who who lives in a home, and they're willing to give it up and rent it to somebody else some people just don't don't feel that kind of connection with their home. And then some people just feel the home is nothing more than an investment. Yeah. And that's fine. That's that's exactly how you should treat. It. Why what no way? What should I treat it that way? Because it's an investment. I got that. But you're saying that I should only treat it as an investment you can make you can get your spiritual sanctuary. Don't give a rip what you do at your own. But nobody's nobody's making. You do anything. Nobody's making you rent one. Nobody's making you rent your house out. But you want to stop other people from doing? No, I never said that at all. What's your neighbor to do it? I would rather. My neighbor not do it. That's right. But as far as stopping this from happening, all wishy washy, man. I think there's a lot of a lot of trouble over there. In fact, some of your neighbors are now chiming in on Facebook live talking about the lawless street, you get to say the name of the street because I won't be the lawless street. Yeah. Seven forty five. Check on traffic, here's Melinda. Looks like. Most of the lanes are now belong to due to that wreck on thirty five southbound approaching two ninety we have reported collision. Mo- pike southbound near Duval as well. As one eighty three southbound right at McNeil. And then an injury wreck reported at eighteen twenty five at a wells branch Parkway. Your next report's at eight o four Melinda. Bryant with Austin's on time traffic today. We'll be breezy with clouds breaking for some sunshine. We'll have a high right around eighty degrees tonight. We'll be cloudy. In fact, a low, clouds and fog will form with spotty.

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