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He's got a really large catalogue he's also i mean he's done work behind the scenes too right or is he mostly just more of the friendly more of a cold front mary but he's you know he plays the piano things he's done so many to wet swiss people so many people have covered his music and he's seen the changes in the industry also unfortunately he hasn't really been able to change with those changes i you know he has any new music thinks foreing with yeah and he's at people like a country artist put out a lionel richie album who like country artist did lionel richie it's so good so good and he also worked with them on that he's worked which and i etween on this song actually while to find that when he did which and i had way he did this song with shin wait on that alum yet yet this was after she was this was wall she was suffering with some of those issues because she had a a reality show a few years ago shaya who who and this was that was kind of the one of the things that was featured on that show but producers think that his career makes him you know makes them a perfect pick you know what i think a lot of those things stand but i think the real reason why they want lionel scuds he's got a very cheap price tag you know what more he's there and i disagree with that because i think that might be part of the equation exactly i think he's going for maybe a million no way would million he'll be able to get lake six million or something i don't know probably what keith urban got his first year no they got less than that they got below five million i thank okay yeah i mean i think he'll get to maybe two million to three million i would say you know what what a what i mean in terms of abobo deal is that they should get lionel ricci and new coal e no i love her what is.

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