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What is guilty of kidnapping well hi there sat right and that's the this is my point to be child sex trafficking you don't know you've now decided yes thank you you've now decided that this paying one is able to reason concoct a plan and do show based on some emotional need which they're able to qualify so these penguins they have decided the day are going to be a couple right and then as a couple they're going to UPS gone with an egg but because you will only sign positive motives and thoughts two animals that don't have the complex thought capability that we do you will still sign it but only the ones that you like in this case it's just a couple wanting to break the penguin glass ceiling or something I don't know and and and start a family I mean there's probably a female penguin run around go and we're that matters you guys have you seen my dragon skin on the agonies again nearer is that what payment so when I go to her poor woman I J. G. I. yet feel bad don't you do to read thank three in a horrific hold on let me he won his mother penguin sounds yeah trimming these down was it was just the worst they think they're hideous did check this out this is like this is paying once this is this is if you go in your on some floaty ice thing any others bunch of paying ones around this is what you want to listen to all day.

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