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Chu fair the components the capacitor and on a dial which is what we call a potential matter so in order for electricity to do a thing in he's to make a loop what have you wanted to do you put obstacles in its path so typically open led as path and it would make it light up but what we're doing here is paying obstacles in its path that make it making noise recode's when you say exactly gang from the plus of the battery of why comes out it has to go through some stuff and then end up back at the negative the guy exactly as correctly i actually to have a degree in engineering so every month with some pretty good if we're going to get ready technical they go the other way rained thing yes it's more a lowest that's why i'm doing this said about leery but see what's going on but the cynthia okay so she we have a little less than two at this please and so she hella but don't don't don't don't don't what's happening that is the 'electricity is going through and it's going through this to this capacitor neka past as a little bit like a battery and that its stores pyla except unlike about cherie which let size how are low and slow a capacity wants his full it spits opec again and that what you're hearing there is the capacity to spitting spacing i and changing the oscillates at from onto off which makes the top and the bottom of the square wave will listening to that square waves so what we're hearing he is literally the electricity moving through the circuit but took now why i'm going to do now is i know tennis dial on like this potential matter and it's going to change how much electricity is flowing through the circuit.

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