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As close to a rival for American band to the Beatles as possible Brian Wilson Influence. Paul McCartney Who Paul McCartney influence. Brian Wilson They also went from being. You know happy surf. Music to onto pet sounds and other albums that did not have the commercial success but still some great music They are they sold southern California as a place where there's two girls for every boy and that You know the the though Janet Dean Sang that Song. Brian wrote it They were just icons and When you hear other musicians talk about Brian Wilson And with his brothers and friend and cousin being that instruments of his genius You realize how far his influence that the branches from that Brian Wilson Tree continue similar. Like you said about Bruce when you hear about the people so I'm GonNa go beach. Boys stotts. Dr Scott Well. Four honorable mentions and they were one of the honorable. Mentions so I I can't argue with with with what you said. I think they're kind of fun. Surf music the fact that you know the toward for so many years with like different people including John Stamos. I think it's kind of her brand over the years I would've loved. I mean Brian. Wilson is a musical hero of mine. and You know I. I think if they had a second leg of their career like the Beatles did after all the you know overcome gum. Poppy stuff and had you know maybe three or four or five Pet sounding type albums that kind of really resonated with mainstream culture. I think they would definitely be Probably probably make for me And I think that's a I mean you're you're not gonNA you're not GonNa get an and and you're not gonNA get argument not only because we're polite and and love each other but I think that's fair. I think that's a fair assessment of of why if you were debating Let's say there. Were you know we were committee of Seven or eight experts If if someone made that argument back and forth I would as much as I love them. I would be willing to okay. I'm going to move forward with them. Not Making because you can only have four. So yeah that's really well done What's next for you okay? So this is the fourth one. So this is as I said earlier in the podcast from Cleveland till now So this is the only one that team in frears gave us one while foot and number four is pink floyd very concerned by British invasion. Ask You could say like I think you have you colleges making. Have you always hated America? Dr? I Hate American I had I look. I I thought about two and rem and you know Yeah it's You know what they are Number nine all time albums sold My to me Dark side is the in my people. The best album ever made I think The wall is genius. I mean you know the drill album album. But they're just this iconic life force and you know they. They let their You know personal differences really get didn't the way What could have been a much longer torn careers? They broke up during before the division bell tour Which Roger Waters is not even On the album or tour but You know they of literally I mean I don't know the number I mean but like I mean we're talking like like five hundred million or something like some crazy number that they've been asked like oh thousands of times To get back together and tour and You know it's interesting 'cause I I was really debating between them and I'll tell you who else after that you're forced election but You know what I what I thought was interesting was when I went on kind of want to see just from like any kind of popularity standpoint. They still relevant in the whole thing. And I found this thing where like Spotify like rank like their top twenty like streaming bands like of all time and Ford. Was I think like in like the top ten to fifteen still You know you still see people with the dark side shirts every day. I mean I just I can't say enough about the think they have one of the most unique sense. I mean nobody sounds like Which I think is also a big criterium also For why I decided to go with the number four. I mean nobody like they almost created their own genre of music. I can't argue with that. They are not someone that That speaks to me but I certainly can order that so debated on my fourth. Dr Scott and I wanted to do something that represented motown because of the huge influence. It had on radio and music in the sixties. So I ended up picking the temptations though I also thought about Diana Ross and the supremes And so the temptations ended up being my pick For and kind of representing Motown And and I know that's kind of I think that's a little bit of a stretch and as I said if we were in a committee I would probably would lean toward if someone said. Well no I really think it should be Zeppelin or pink floyd. I certainly could not argue that point. I would make my stand and then move forward. But since it's mine I went temptations. Well I mean look they have a very successful show on Broadway right now. So it's not like you picked secure bands. Yes all right You're you've just my dad. Very nice but that was my temptation your exactly literally you I mean. Look you it sounds like you. You want us to kind of topped your sound. That was so influential on to popular music. And you know. I can't argue if With temptation there Sometimes admittedly str- admittedly struggle with What the temptation song. And what's the four tops song and smoke house and in the miracles right like miracle? Yes yeah I mean I mean you know like but temps were probably the best at what they what they want for that John Laura Just like you know When we're talking about it's like you know someone could say. Bob Marley someone like that. I mean right. It's like you know if you're looking at different like Zahn Ras If we're doing country right you could do a johnny cash. Could even some might even say for gas. You know So I don't I you know you're not gonNA get a lot of pushback for me because you know to you know to me you know. It's it's interesting with my wife when I talk about this a lot when we're listening to music And we'll talk about like. Is this person. Does this person like Homs lie or be this band or do they have like their own sound Or they you know. Very derivative and And you know that whole like genre of music You know again in the Broadway show now is getting like you know. It's very hard to get tickets to and Huge ovations and So I mean you know. They were I it's IT'S A it's a very it's a very interesting selection but I think your argument for why they're while you put them was very solid very nice guy. That was fun. All right I- listeners. I know we've been long but we did want to take a few minutes We've got multiple people that have reached out to give their discussions. I don't unless in. Here's what I figure we'll do Dr Scott will will read them and unless something just stands out like Oh. I think that's a really well. Thought of discussion. Obviously we're not going to be you know if we're not going to be disparaging if someone picked the monkeys which no one did thank God. I'm just checking Though I certainly I certainly a fan of Peter Tork and Michael Nasmyth and Davy Jones and why am I drawing a blank on the last Guy But you would not put them on that list but we are not we know this is all about positively So I'll start with about positive on so I just want a quick introduction or I'll As the college I will I'm GONNA HAVE OCD. If I just don't say this I just have to. Just give the The just the four five honorable mentions you no because I really. I've never 'cause I really really struggled with the fourth one and Originally I had the WHO at number four on about them So I had the honour mentions or the WHO? The Eagles are only finally. I'm sorry. Go the Eagles fleetwood Mac. The doors and the visuals so I especially think the eagles and fleetwood Mac are the icons of the seventies I think were and and I do think their influence as eagles especially in modern country music I think is all over the place and I think to a certain degree you know I agree rock and roll so yes. All Great Honorable Mentions Okay So Mary Great Discussion. I knew it would be wonderful idea all right so as I said. We reached out to twitter and facebook asked for people to send their information. They did not have the criteria we just. I just asked for individual artists for groups. What would you think? So Marian Tin from twitter said Elvis Chuck Berry Bob Dylan springsteen or Bowie. David Bowie I think is certainly someone that is worthy of discussion. And then like when people do the when people do the or I'm Gonna I'm GonNA teach kids speak with the rebound food and then groups. They said the Beatles Stones Birds Rem. I think that's really interesting. 'cause THE BIRDS. I think an early influence or and rem you mentioned on someone. That certainly was some influences birds I love the sound of the birds. mostly Just cover songs but You know they're great at the greatest. Hits album is is is great Very random choice but Maryanne thank you. You've got one From twitter motion Newman An artist that Apparently Jussie doesn't like his name is Bruce Springsteen he's from New Jersey Elvis Presley John who was an honorable mention and Chuck Berry. Can't argue with any of those groups we have the Eagles Fleetwood. Mac each three bands so double dipping their. Yes and the Beatles. Yeah that's I thought about the eastern band because they're such an iconic band but I think it's similar to you like when you say Tom. Petty and the heartbreakers RESP- Racing East. You Ban you kind of think of those together so great choices Chris Bloom who is going to be on the PODCAST. Coming up. Pretty soon Returning he said Elvis Bob Dylan Bruce Springsteen Jimi Hendrix which I think Hendrix is a very nice choice that You and I. I don't think either one of US brought up Now I did have them on my honorable mention to me he's like the Arguments sports reference the the the Sandy Colfax of musician In terms of you know when people think of Colfax you know when the greatest pitchers in the history of baseball only had six great years got a twelve year career. Sixth Grade Years. And you know obviously part of the Infamous twenty seven club and died way too soon but I mean talk about His influence and his his his iconic status though I I loved Jimmy. Yeah and I think that's really good choice. I also I think back of your point that all along the watch tire right is is that's a Hendrix Song. Even though Dylan wrote it so very nice His groups he said REM second for. Im Pink Floyd U2 and the doors so a couple of year honorable mentions I gave a lot of thought to Youtube. Youtube is a pretty influential band and And there's a Lotta love between you. Two and the e street band so bruce and Bongo so that those are all good choices and probably when we look at from eighties on You know maybe Kroll Jam probably with that group Probably the you know already on Youtube Program Nirvana not enough body of work But those those would be probably the the the the biggest in terms of popularity And Body of work Those three bands would probably be from from the eighty five. You know what would be an interesting discussion and we may put this on. The future is pick a rushmore for the decades in. Like what would be your top four bands of the sixties. What would be the for the seventies the eighties with ninety s? You know that because then you could have that a little more diversity in the influence. Still a lot of choices the discussion You've got another one for me. We got him. Arnold thank you tim for Chiming in Kim is GonNa get some negative points here for cheating in multiple spots him your call to the principal so fit him. What would chuck Berry Springsteen.

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