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You brother good to talk to you five three five nine seven three two more of your reaction Elizabeth Warren saying all student loan debt should be forgiven if she is elected all of it more than a trillion dollars five three five nine seven three two eight seven Ferguson show six hundred of you are you see in ninety two point one FM this report is sponsored by express pros dot com good evening right now even the wreck on get well and range road that's get well and greens road Ross Ricky Germantown at Trinity with a crash on east found forty right before you get to sycamore view road thank you our question we had forty we have police on the scene north park in that same two four Boulevard and we still have a delayed due to an earlier question was about two forty near mill branch which I take your August eighth is national interview day for express employment professionals trying now to start the search for your next job this is express pros dot com slash interview day for more information don't forget jobseekers never pay a few yet express back in here are this week's top podcast on the I heart radio app number five life will be the death of me Chelsea handler number for the breakfast club number three the Joe Rogan experience number two the Ron Burgundy podcast number one disgraced Lance time J. Brennan check out these and all of your favorite podcasts all free on the I heart radio app number one for podcasts.

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