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All of their truckers and new hires will receive training to slam the door on the sex trade through the highway Heroes campaign, according to CEO Jeff Jackson. I want to emphasize everyone can be a highway hero. We're all go through gas stations. We all go through Rest. Stops of Tom's here in our travel movie started the highway Heroes program last October with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Gordon Byrd NEWS Radio W F L A Some Bay Area School District's are voicing skepticism about the state eliminating mask rules in the classroom. Pinellas County School Superintendent Michael Greg Oh says it may be too early to and the mandate I think we need to get through this school year and as we've been living every 23 weeks, we've been assessing it. And it's been working for us as a district. The head of the Pinellas Teachers Union says the education commissioner should let local district's decide how to handle Covitz safety. After a dress code violations were allowed to slide because of the focus on the covert pandemic. Sarasota High School officials are once again cracking down this week, 40 students were found in violation Mortgage girls than boys. One student calling the dress code sexist, started a petition gathering over 1100 signatures to change the policy. Sarasota High School principal David Jones tells news Channel eight. The policy is not intended to be sexist in any way. I'd be lying if I said that it didn't have more girls that were out in violations that guys, I understand how kids could interpret it that way. They don't think they're really looking at it for what it is. Jones has been trying to empower student groups to come.

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