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Apply archeologists mexico have unearth an as text sporting venue were they believe a deadly game was played correspondent bill semper has the story imagine a game or the loser loses his head that's what archeologists believe they on earth in the next give asian beneath a hotel in mexico city they found the remains of a major temple and a court were an as tech ballgame was played more than five hundred years ago they also found more than two dozen severed neck bones and skulls fragments one researcher says they were obviously decapitated perhaps after losing the game bills emperor ladimir potent is coming soon to a tv near you you is that down with filmmaker oliver stone for a series of interviews recently and those were about to hit the us airwaves those nations will air and a fourpart series to debut monday on showtime stone says the interviews we'll touch on russia's alleged interference in the us election russia's role in syria and the growing adversarial release shen ship between the us and russia among other things bills emperor police say the suspect push past the owner of a black suvs stopped near westfield horton plaza last night and tried to hop in a struggle ensued at both men ended up in the driver's seat the suv was apparently knocked into gear and had crashed into a tree in a lamppost nearby the suspect ran off that was arrested shortly afterward a few blocks away in san diego usa radio news i'm rod william soul if you're over the age of fifty and considering buying an annuity in the.

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