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Fear or favor in context and perspective to be honest, brutally honest about every bit of it. We were in Louis hours to make sure that when we delivered. So you is fact it's a fact Shepard Smith. Myth on Fox News channel real news. Real honest opinion, the leader of North Korea taking a swipe at the Trump administration during an address to his nation. North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN has found a warning shot to the US saying he wants sanctions lifted to keep diplomatic relations positive. He made the comments in his annual New Year's address. It was a more peaceful speech than in previous this time focusing on the country's economy rather than weapons production large crowds watched it on screens Pyongyang during colorful New Year's celebrations, Kim Jordan says he's prepared to meet President Trump again to help break. The deadlock indigo with the US at a summit last June North Korea agreed to denuclearization. But talks have stalled since then is a hell to implement the details in London. Kitty, Logan, Fox News onto your airlines releasing a statement after six passengers became ill on a flight from Cleveland to Tampa saying the passengers were evaluated by medical personnel before being released. All of the passengers were released after a brief holding period. The cause of the illness remains under investigation reaction coming in now that the high profile Democrats announced that she's considering a run for president in twenty twenty and a YouTube video Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren announced the launch of an exploratory committee for a potential twenty twenty presidential bid fight.

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