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Development that could help address the massive global issue of plastic pollution and joining us this morning is maxed of pharaoh chemist and group leader at Argonne national laboratory to talk a little bit more about this said new advancement Max good morning walking the opening bell bonus tips thank you for autographs if if watching shark tank has taught me nothing else I have to ask the question what's the buy in here I want to be very honest with you I think we all need to be far away to be related to the goal production are these are really a bad six audience discography we are really excited about over discovery we think probably we need other five to ten years should be delighted to be commercial but I think is that exciting this call very that can really change you will be I want to dive into a little bit so tell us exactly what happens here because I think we're all used to hearing the stories of how our landfills and oceans are filled with all of these so single use plastic so there's even an island floating in the Pacific Ocean of nothing but plastic what did what did you know found what is the process that you develop that your team is developed here that might reduce some of this all the all the connection two respecting plastic is called by all these use hello this is a very all right temple to a poll shows that computer that bunch of plastics in she will like diesel and jet fuel and I think is a great is a great picnics we think you need our team between all small blossom and aims to add another university that's all part of the speech I think what they are you'll put your and the schools are y'all snooker but it also showed these movie during prohibition we are able to use that to make she was we were able to make it work like most of all that you can goal two way short to just move them by your motor oil if you can put in your car and that Motorola came from blogger sector plastics and import people are you know war we are target you feel like Becky G. plastic bags and we show that your radio that we can for example compared to a plastic bag into a James it seems like a something that we we thought might be able to happen all along but there has been a there's a chemical process that prevented us from really kind of melting some of this stuff down and getting rid of it talk to us a little bit about the scientific part of why these plastics are so hard to break down and why they stay in landfills for so long yeah when I when I decided to talk with Michael okay Michael I I asked them to think about it we spent seventy almost seventy year this call in making your plastics meaning the same to the committee spends seventy just making a plastic with location with the idea to make a stronger material more resistant hope you're real and we spent probably less than a year now Chuck to bring back what we can do what all can we go back to the monitor all the parties I think for the same difficult these are is exciting but all the looks of the portrait each year I always felt that is is that there's gonna panels called support it's all one known in the scientific community in the market as a the solar panel the conductor as shown on solar energy may lead to Kentucky our story and we know what yours is that is one of the first year you will use this battle scars as a couple for a completely different reaction and they actually species of these all of our copies of platinum but you were the particles that we can't control the geometry of electronics impairs on these two for a meet the small we can control the products that we can create we can generate from plastics yeah you're saying no no go ahead I'm sorry interrupt and so far we target the difference products she will target the Motorola as it was before for walk ins and walk throughs can be their own house form for example the dental Jim told or articles Max he does all the tool our main goal so far we are thinking as their products that you can generate from across the back so there you know if you look forward into the future here there is back to the shark tank part of this even though the development still has a ways to go you can see how this could be all hundreds of billions of dollars idea I think the department of energy that she tilted over a short I think as a as a long term project on the spot on the bottom of the plastic part of the problem we already stopped looking for collaborators on the private sector to further develop the technology of course right now we are the lab scale Olson's abdominal to think that you can build for example to scale up while the companies are looking for the technical call me cannot is is to see if this technology makes sense on the on the market constructive and also the all you need to show you that you junior on the positive side highlight all we are on the bench you spend in the reserve the closest them but probably for self publication need to think about this whole process something that put the gloss again and after five minutes do we have all our products Max on one of the things you mentioned earlier this could be like ten years away from seeing this being used on a regular basis each year right now three hundred eighty million tons of plastic or thrown away and that could quadruple by twenty fifty it feels like we're in a race against time here do you feel that pressure as well yes we all on the patient's wife it was a lot of what she'd be looking I think that there are now a lot of people and also the community the only see the problem I and I think a lot of companies have invested a lot of money there was an article yesterday that he established the Truman producer who's invested twenty million dollars million dollars in that in addition to the college you looking for you to call before for plastics all at once one ocean the very few that tells you can be a change on one night in fact main subject about orbit medical applications could you have to get the idea is a good thing if we are able to find a way to avoid it can you talk a cyclist plastic I think we are in very good shape why didn't scientists who were developing plastic do the back in part of this is you were talking about at the same time they were developing some of these hard plastics these long lasting plastics it feels like had that had that been done while they were developing split these plastics we wouldn't be in this situation right now yeah if you score I think is more is the user could make the plastic gloves decriminalize the plastics is that the more they never called them your again it is much easier to make the call to be constructed all and all should be all there was not any incentives or long vision to see the problem of plastic it plus so let's take us into the future here if your team is successful in this becomes something that we can do to get rid of plastic is this gonna change how all of the rest of us discard plastic can recycle plastic well there have to be a fundamental change in the way that we throw all this stuff away we want you to consider both offices a big problem in the recycling bin laden there how to separate and plastics no really big limitation junior litigation cultural problem everything is there such a big difference in the plastic lost with aluminum I think we should have a little bit more from you all where they have different being wage being four different kind of plastics and that could help ensure their psyche the scenic route with their with the final product is a social structure canonical problem if the pollution Sheesh doctor to that is a problem and we need to do more I know from my while she's there but no way we go to do when you go to buy groceries we don't use any plastic bag with injuries I need any lawsuit to collect war over grocery and that I think would be important for again plastic already changing but you're all worked alongside Jay I'm thinking for example medical medical devices and these policies that you just called I think is just one more one of them we need to think about with a more open mind and think about more news as you want I don't think it is unique and die question my colleague mice into the correct way to think about are they all put you down the and other courses yeah in your your team is not the only team working on a possible solution I'm guessing there are many many teams around the world trying to find the answers to these problems yes again the problem of energy that specialties researchers started to be close to the movies that is all the more upcycling polymer Shelton can we also hold I think you up like I was saying before they are a little bit hi balls but we are going to catch up very fast the best scientists to do that yeah absolutely well this is some optimistic news regardless Max thank you for being on this morning got congratulations your team good luck thank you so must be very appreciated for.

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