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Hour your home for original reporting. I'm Tom Foodie in Washington. There has been no we can let up in that escalating violence between Israel on the militant Hamas group controlling Gaza on Israel's border. Now there is a new element. On Israeli airstrike toppled a high rise building in Gaza housing international media raising allegations that Israel is violating freedom of the press. Israel said the building was used by Hamas military intelligence, The White House said Israel has a paramount responsibility to ensure the safety of journalists. Robert Berger, CBS News Jerusalem, Israeli Air Force Nile tweets. Not more Recent airstrikes have targeted three Senior Hamas members, offices and residences, adding that is really estimate off. 2900 rockets fired into Israel from Gaza since this conflict began. Turning to the covert pandemic on a weekend after the loosening of federal mass guidelines from Los Angeles correspondent Daniel Bacchus visit in Rybar shirts, shoes and vaccine cards are required for service. When customers air here with everybody vaccinated good enough to social distance it onto our masks. They don't have to worry about it. It's still peace of mind and comfort. But other small business owners are now grappling with what to enforce. Our client's going to be upset if we asked them for proof on how to verify the vaccinated and speaking of vaccination, not a high priority so far for kids, But the Fizer vaccine has been approved for those 12 to 15 Selina Go Vera of WSB T South Bend, Indiana next Tuesday. Can't come soon enough for Allie Van Nevil. That's when she's scheduled to get her first dose of the Visor Corona virus vaccine. I've been waiting actually a while. I'll to get it and I am quite Excited to get it because then I will be able to go more places. Parents say she's.

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