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Offers are rubbing shoulders the awkward and something i would have reference thirty nine times a show every day until i was kicked off the air that i'll say this we'll see cousins plays he was he was really feeling his status as the belle of the ball at all those super bowl festivities and well he should be you know they're in there like nfl players all over the place in minnesota for the super bowl and they're all the players who played for teams that were potential landing spot for causes they're all trying to recruit him to their team the von miller who came von miller and was paying homage to governmental go recruit somebody right like get out there and get it done we are gonna miss adam clue we're gonna send him off in style the next few days you have suggestions on how we should say goodbye to the kluger hit me up at sports writers sports rei t e r stewart kovacs is going to be the executive producer of the show starting in six days next monday excited about that stu is amazing follow him on twitter stewart kovacs cbs and the kluber of course adam underscore clue either a television show on a streaming sports network the network has called cbs sports hq the show is called writer's block it's like netflix you can't get on your cable but you can get it everywhere else can get on your computer on your tv you can stream it and send it to your television you can get it on apple tv and roku and we have some pretty cool guests on there today i interviewed chris johnson running back nfl start back in the day he wants to keep his nfl career going he's friends with jr smith did a really interesting conversation we're gonna play a pieces of that here on the show rider than you with me bill ryder in just a moment on cbs sports radio as brain turn what up to hey paul showing you the unrivaled i phone ten and you know what i can do with it no what i can unlock it with my face they call it face id check it out do you have to make that face when you unlock it okay yeah we'll go with that get the.

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