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You're probably going to see him in a couple of films. I can't do all the film rooms about cam hayward so you won't see every week. But if you want to hear more about cam hayward check out my twitter check out here. We're talking about cam hayward this season. Because he is phenomenal. Is one of the best defensive lineman in the league. He's an all time great. He's a future hall of famer. And he's one of the best defensive lineman to play for the pittsburgh steelers that's cam hayward anyways behind cam hayward again this time to it didn't play. We saw came here and tyson hollywood. The starting the third defensive lineman was chris worldly that's to be expected and he played good. He's not having a good preseason. Chris warmly looks more at home this year. He looks like he he understands with going on. He's he's better with his teammates behind him. Again and raimondo. Behind him again with henry mondo. That's number five. That's your fifth defensive. Lineman when steph onto it returns to the field having one. Does your number five defensive lineman steelers keep six sometimes seven defensive line. I could see it being seven with a seventeen game season but it could also just be six. There's no guarantee there's a seven spot for that number six defensive line spot. The last spot guaranteed to make this roster. You've got isaiah bugs. Carlos davis and isaiah louder milk fighting for that spot man that is a battle to watch in the fourth preseason games because these guys are fighting each other but they're also fighting defensive backs they're fighting buddy. Johnson who's trying to be the number five linebacker inside linebacker. They are fighting those guys just to make the roster that is position to watch in the fourth preseason game isaiah bugs carlos davis isaiah louder milk real quick for the show. Let's get to the defensive backs. Joe haden back. Joe haines out there. Solving problems is another thing i talked about. I'm getting a film room up on this. Those little routes drag routes going to the right quarterback scrambling out to the right. They'd been killing all reason. We've all seen it. Tight ends beating linebackers Slot receivers beating the defensive backs. They're getting out there. They're making these plays had into the right. The quarterback scrambles out to the right and they throw those little passes and they're beaten all sees ultra season. Jonatan shows up. They try to tie. Joe haden nearly took that ball. Joe haden jumped that ralph. Joe hayden is still joe haden. He makes a world of difference on this defense. He is so important. The steelers defense. He is an mvp candidate. Mvp candidate for this defense simply because of the role. He plays in the fact that when he is out it exposes the linebackers. It exposes the the nickel bax. It exposes that entire side of the field. It weakens our run defeats. Everything gets worse. When joe haines don 'field joe hayden looking like himself. Fantastic author back minkah fitzpatrick making patrick plane. And he looked good more than that his partner in crime. Terrell edmonds is his sidekick looked good with mak- fitzpatrick back trail. Edmonds is not a star player. He is a good sidekick and with minka fitzpatrick back. Hey guess what. All edmonds looked good to He's going to be solid for us. The other story. The defensive back room is the nickelback battle which right now is campsite inside inside james. Peer outside that is not ideal. Cameron sutton is not the run stuffer. He is not a blitzer. He is a deep coverage guy. James pierre is vulnerable to speed guys on the outside you are going to see this team struggle a bit if that is all they have at the nickel position we were looking at kind of a rotation maybe with antoine brooks junior and arthur millette. They're both hurt right now. The weakest link on this team right now is the nickel corner and what that is doing to cameron sutton. Who maybe the second week is link in this defense right now is cameras sutton look for the steelers with a little bit of salary. Cap left to be watching. Who might be cut. What teens might be willing to part with who people teams might be willing to move on from at the quarterback position to solidify that spy. That is it. That's the last thing we talk about the day Thank you for tuning in to the cutting room floor..

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