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Flights at area airports. Another sign that a long surge in consumer prices seems to be easing. Keep it right here on WTO full details on these top stories in the minutes of hand. 1148. Traffic and weather on the 8s, here's Rita Kessler on the WTO traffic center. Well, let's update the situation on the beltway. It was the inner loop of the beltway slow down after route 50 headed past two 14 central avenue, the right side of the roadway is still blocked with a tree that came down out of lip sync a little bit of rubber necking from Richie Marlboro road, but those lanes should be open. In the district southbound D.C. two 95 heavy from burrows passing these capital street northbound off the 11th street bridge passing Pennsylvania avenue outbound on the 14th street bridge, the right side of the roadway is still blocked due to Jersey wall and road damage from an earlier wreck the wreck itself has been cleared. Now a new problem in Maryland on the southbound Baltimore Washington Parkway B four powder mill road after one 98, that's a broken down vehicle, those delays are growing, southbound two 70 slows approaching and passing 80 in urbana with a report of a wreck, then delays after one 21 headed toward father Hurley boulevard. That was a tree down in the roadway along the right side. 27 ridge road after route 80. That was a serious crash. We may have the roadway blocked in both directions expect to be under, police direction, in Virginia, and updating purcellville route 9 at stony point road they cleared the tree out of the roadway all the travel lanes have been reopened. Northbound fairfax county Parkway at rolling road was a report of a wreck and southbound 29 in Gainesville after Virginia oaks drive the crash had been on both shoulders. I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic. Now let's go live to storm team four's Mike stenner and Mikey would not believe with the sun out right now how calm it appears, but we've had a lot going on today with The

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