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Berman and Michael Riedel in the morning on seven ten w. Good morning, everybody. A busy busy day. If you're just joining us, the big three this morning, Len Amazon is going to open a headquarters out there in Long Island city for gazillions of dollars in tax breaks. I think the mayor and the governor were fleeced Len who's supposed to be the the left winger here is like, oh, let's give tax breaks to all the big rich corporations. It doesn't compete words in my mouth as usual. And putting the wrong words. That's what you do best. You're in favor. I think it has a chance to success. If it creates twenty-five thousand jobs average salary of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars trickled down to cab drivers in the neighborhoods. And yeah, my work that I was gonna live at Long Island city. It's nice to see the the old town the being beefed up. You're not a trickle down. It's going to take you need a flood to get back to three billion dollars. You're giving me you're not giving away. The cash is just a tax break. There's actually no zero g hear what the governor said. I don't want to hear anything the governor has to say, but he said it best. He really did. He's Virginia made a better deal. This is a big money maker for us. Costs us nothing. Nothing. Nada. Goose goose egg. Cost so much. And he says it I don't know if you have the same soundbite is because New York's tax rate is so high they wouldn't come unless they got that kind of thing. But that is a recipe then for the taxes to be lowered for everybody if you lower the taxes in this city, then businesses will want to come here. You can't just give it to one and not the other and all I'm not done yet. Okay. Oh god. Because I figured out what's going on here. The reason it's Amazon that's getting this giveaway is because Amazon is run by Jeff Bezos who owns the Washington Post Herat, which hates Donald Trump's your point. This were a coke brothers company. There's no way in the world Cuomo de Blasio want to give tax breaks to the cope brothers. But as long as it's a lefty hate Trump hating lunatic like Jeff Bezos, give them all the tax breaks in the world, Iran. They put it on Trump's hometown queens. So anyway. Got anything else in the big three, El Chapo? I want you to serve on the jury. To opening slim. Jurors got excused from the El Chapo trial. They're the smartest people on the planet. One lady broke down in tears, another guy. He said, hey, I'm gonna lose income here. If I serve on the trial, even though I don't have a job. Smart. He is smart unemployed. He says, I will lose it. In the El Chapo trial began yesterday, and I just want, you know, fell Trump was listening. What the record a show, I'm with the L troppo. Troppo? That's my that's the line as a favor of all the people. He murdered and tortured the way to go, Michael, you're a real humanitarian. I, you know, I think it's a terrible way. They're treating this a Mexican immigrant. Oh my God. Liberal your typical liberal Riedel. Rounding out the big that the big three. The first lady a lady, Melania lady. Melania Trump is on the warpath firing people, right and left. My gosh. Released to get rid of this national security not gone yet. But unprecedented statement put out well, let's find out what's going on. Because we've got Karen Travers. ABC news White House correspondent on the line. Good morning to you. Karen? Good morning. All right. So care and tell me I remember Nancy Reagan. I think she had Don Regan staff, but I don't recall a first lady actually putting out a press. Release calling for the firing of an official. Yeah. I mean, you know, we were going back through all of our memories and talking about the historical examples of first lady's exerting influence, and that's not surprising. That's probably happens in every administration. But usually it's behind the scenes, and then we hear about it afterwards. You know, this person was fired because this person didn't, you know, the appeal to the first lady or whatever. But this is proactive this is the first lady's office yesterday putting out a statement saying that deputy national security adviser mirror. Rijkaard doubt, quote, no longer deserves the honor of serving in this White House. Sources tell us the first lady was irritated with Rijkaard. Al over the planning of her Africa trip last month, and that she felt record out was not treating her staff with respect so taking that very surprised move yesterday to put out that statement. And that's certainly spent a lot of shock waves here at the White House for now, though, Reeker Dallas illiterate desk close of business yesterday is expected to be back at work today. She hasn't been fired yet. All right, suits down. Some of these theories one was that she was leaking some negative stories about Melania Trump, and the second is I just saw a theory floated by CNN that. Since she's in the east wing the presence in the west wing. This is some kind of open conflict between Malani and her husband is any any of this true. Or just idle speculation maybe speculation. That's not what we've reported. We are told that this centers around the logistics and the planning of that trip last month, but we are also told that Ricardo says she's never actually met the first lady. So this isn't something that was like the to a personal issue. Hey, Karen, curious just from your reporting how much how much power does Malania exert behind the scenes is she has incredible influence behind the scenes, but the behind the scenes is the key there. We haven't seen her publicly jumping on policy or publicly jumping on any of the staff drama, the west wing palace intrigue over the past year and a half. But she made it very clear in an interview. It's ABC's Tom yomas last month on that trip to Africa that she's keeping tabs on what's happening in the west wing. And that there were people she sought. That were on the president's staff that she didn't trust because they weren't looking out for the president's best interest and Tom Astor. Did you let him know? She says she did he says what did he do? And she very simply said some people they don't work here anymore. Wow. Rama? Karen Travers areas. Headed for some of the firings. Okay. Karen Travers ABC news correspondent at the White House. Karen, the other big story roiling the press room is the CNN which was filed yesterday on behalf of Jim Acosta with his press pass pulled. It's going to court today. It seems the people on all sides of the aisle is saying that the CNN has a pretty strong case here first amendment rights and also fifth amendment due process. Yeah. Then that's certainly the two things that they're making this argument on in court, the White House correspondent's association put out a statement yesterday saying that it strongly supports CNN's goal of getting Jim Acosta security credentials reinstated. Hundreds of members from print television radio online publications that are part of the correspondence association and the statement from them was us was that the hard pass should not have been taken away in the first place. Did you think he overstepped his bounds and the should have been slapped down with the with the ban Anakin away and on that? But we certainly would push for his access to be restored. So he can do. Do his job here. Are you going to go after are you going to be? Well, you're always tough on the president. He's got an trouble with him lately. I remember last week here in little hot water with him. Yeah. We haven't seen him all week. He did the press conference Wednesday after the midterm the day after kind of that recap. And then he spoke to reporters on Friday. But we haven't been able to ask him questions yet this week in today here at the White House. He has no public events currently on his schedule will word is holed up with his attorneys this week trying to figure out how to respond to Muller and writing. And I don't know if they'll ever do it in person is that what you're hearing. Yeah. We had said yesterday that the the lawyers in the president's team had been putting together those written responses to molars questions, and he met with his legal team to do this very long session with legal team on Monday. But again, there's no timeline for all of this. But we're expecting that. He's having more sit down with his legal team this week. What about rumors that Melania? Trump doesn't like chief of staff Kelly repair. They have a positive relationship. So I'm not going to weigh in on rumors. But that's what the first lady's office says all right ABC news White House. Correspondent Karen Travers with their finger on the pulse of all the craziness. That's going on down there. Thanks. Karen? Thanks, take care. I don't know. I mean, the rumors are out there lend that the millennials are like the chief of staff. Well, it's good this. Yes. Close behind the scenes. I'm not sure that others have a lot of influence with the president. So it's good that somebody has more. And I was a little ambivalent about our first lady when she first came on the scene, but more and more I'm warming up to her. I think she's really smart. And I think she's she's in a difficult position. But she's starting to play her hand rather. Well, I have to say it's smart to not do a lot of interviews and not be all out there and the thought of as being mysterious and powerful behind the scenes, I think she's playing your cards. Well, and I just couldn't believe she put out a statement to trash this thirty eight. I mean, that's just so unusual. She must have been really pissed off. Absolutely good for her. All right. When we come back. Why didn't Monica Lewinsky send that infamous blue dress to the dry cleaners. We've got the answer and your chance to win a thousand bucks is coming up at nine. Oh, five on seven ten W O R. Now, let's get the traffic. Hey guys on Long Island. Pretty busy on the eastbound northern state. Crawling in fact, into one town, you got a crash there delays extending back from Sunnyside boulevard. Westbound's also going to be slow into exit forty on the westbound southern states still busy too. Well, what avenue multi car crash on the right shoulder? And then beyond that, you got some more heavy delays as you travel into the stretch by eagle avenue grand avenue. Southbound before Atlantic avenue a collision heading through Nassau County. Now at the George Washington Bridge the upper level for the eighty ninety five approach you're looking at it the way of right around thirty five minutes. It's going to be about thirty four the lower level inbound outbound lower level, there's a disabled vehicle by the Harlem river drive ramp. That's now in the process of being cleared away link. It's going to be forty minutes. Holland thirty five from both approaches now on the it's a conic northbound by Peekskill hollow road. He's still have that crash on the left side along with an icing condition. Our next traffic updates coming up, fifteen.

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