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Yeah like like pretty in pink exactly another great prostitution movie no that's how i was thinking pretty woman pretty in pink from moving okay molly ringwald so i go then i i swear to god him not being there's no antagonistic thing happening with me and this guy just go oh you can turn left here actually the entrance to my house isn't on the street that that the address is on its on the next you can turn left here the entrance is right there was like yeah i'm gonna turn he's blowing it i'm gonna turn left that's what it tells me to do on doing what it's telling me to do and i go okay you can stop the car right now we're getting out right now and he's just like he's fine and he slams on the on the break in the middle of the road and i i opened the door in the middle of the road to like i'm getting like we're getting the fuck out of here and i probably said we're getting the fuck outta here let me out and we start getting out and he's like pull it over and over in my driveway and i'm like and then we start going like no you're not pulling over just gimme the fuck out of here you fucking you this and then i'm like pop the trunk dude i'm getting you know i'm getting my bag and getting the fuck outta here and i know what i did to elevate things are crazy yeah i pop out my phone and i'm just like record and i'm like would he that's what he called me like a dip shit or a little or he swore and i'm like click start recording i'm like would you say to me and he's immediately like tell you anything and i go pop the trunk you're getting fired i'm like narrating it all worldstar style game fire today boy and and he's like i'm not giving you your bag i'm not.

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