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You'll see the format no there it's looking right at the camera right at you again they're beautiful it looks they actually look like Annie Leibovitz shot them hurt herself well and they they're looking right at you and their classes and just so well done so in entertaining too and yeah I pop up I got I downloaded the app on my apple TV so I sat on the couch sometimes and I I pull up Steve Martin take a little class and you know they're there for five minutes at a time and little lessons about for five minutes and then boom I I go to the next one so anyway it's a good gift a fun thing to do to be semi productive during this time master class not brought up Bob Eiger because he gave a fascinating interview with variety in the Wall Street journal yesterday and and another podcast talking about what they do the what the Disney parks could possibly look like when they re open which out we were wondering that's with a new episode of two very godfathers is about what is going to be the normal until a vaccine comes around because you know the the reality is the parks will reopen I mean the parks are going to reopen probably I would guess within three months and that's going to be way before we have a vaccine and probably way before we get any type of treatment to lessen the effects of the corona virus so what is it gonna be like you are a are people gonna want to go to a park a theme park with thousands of people around them and if so how is Disney gonna protect folks well he mentioned what they already do on cruise ships and that is biometric temperature taking all wow is that fascinating can yeah so when they come to the park they are gonna get their temperature taken now is it full proof no because some a symptomatic people you know they don't have the temperature bought he parlayed it he did the parallel he's like look you know we didn't really we didn't do bad checks or metal detectors before nine eleven and he's like and and but after that reality changes guests expect you to keep them safe and they will put up with minor inconveniences and a delay in getting into the parks if they feel safe and again they've already they're already doing this on Disney cruise line's this is nothing new for the Disney cruise lines but I thought hello all do it I don't care I mean if it's biometric yeah do it all right I'm kind of shocked that more advanced didn't do this already I mean we have the technology again it's not full proof but as a as a frequent gore of the parks I'm telling you it would make me feel safer I wonder how far away we are from fool proof on the spot right now tasks like checking your blood sugar can't diabetics they can do that pretty much instantly right okay yeah that like to travel but yeah yes so as soon as we get those I'm guessing that virtually everything will be opened it's not the one I'm just throwing this out here is it an invasion of people's privacy to check their temperature question allow them to come into a public that is of I don't know I don't think people are paying for that in there they are located in the heart of the yeah if you are doing this now you would have to be voluntary yeah yeah what it is I guess don it's a great question I guess it's the same thing of girls are going to your purse I mean that's it you can't get much more personal than going through a purse of your personal belongings in your you know what I mean but yet I can definitely be a deterrent for people but yeah I'll yeah forget it I'm not doing that I think don is dead on right though if it's not voluntary then it certainly is an invasion of privacy is it not well I would need to be mandatory you can't have some people check their temperature and some not well I think the whole act of I'm not a lawyer I just play one on TV I think the whole act of paying a ticket paying for a ticket to go into a private business yeah as of the date your your rights are you know you're making a voluntary dis decision you're making a voluntary decision to pay for that ticket in in though and then then the small print of that ticket it will probably say you will get your bags checked and you will be screened and you will get your temperature taken so if you make the decision the conscious decision to pay for that ticket I think you negate any Lee you know any recourse what is it what if it moves on to a blood test then I don't think people do that I think that's invasive yeah yeah I think that's a little invasive I'm because they already have the biometric scanners now for your fingerprint so if it also does temperature taking or corona virus yeah maybe to specifically test for that but I don't use a family that's why this I'm glad Joe don brother because it's fascinating I mean I I don't really care but I but lex to your point I can see it being a deterrent for folks yeah hello there are a lot of people who will be like I'm not doing that no but I don't think that they need to worry about people coming to the parks in making money you know I think people are still going to go into I I think that they'll be a small amount of people say they don't want to and you know that's that would be their choice I'm really I you know obviously I I will go back on being very on chrome I can recall back anytime soon but I will go back and I am going to be so fascinated to see what the crowds are light what percentage of people will be freaked out for two three years until we get a vaccine you know hopefully yeah please please Jesus let it be a year year and a half on the short term let us get a vaccine and I. T. also imagine to like going to the park and uncle Jerry can't come in because of his temperature hot yeah our right one of the park now though don you're right I know people like that yeah so I I don't know for this walk from their car in there that little extra weight on them they're like I'm just running right now I wonder what the procedures and the odds I wonder what what and what the cast is that we use for yeah that might be like oh sorry kids mom so the high temp well go anymore a thousand dollars right now to see to it we can't go see goofy right now kids mom yeah from a distance use a spell moms having a child in the flashes as we watch the corona virus spread to most of us have asked two questions what can I do to keep my family safe and what can I do to help others my talk listeners have been helping out families through diaper drives for three years now in Florida and Texas in the wake of hurricanes and now for the first time we're gonna help out families right here in Minnesota one in three American families have to choose between diapers and other basic needs like food in the midst of this pandemic so if you can please help these Minnesotans in.

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