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Right. Hundreds of college age men have been found embodies water clusters around the country, and in many of these cases smiley face is found near the recovery site, the police classified these as accidents drownings, but a team of retired NYPD. Detectives is reexamining the evidence and making shocking discoveries that could prove these cases are connected checkout smiley, face killers. The hunt for Justice this Saturday at seven on oxygen. Goodbye goodbye. And again. Welcome to our podcast. Welcome to our podcast. Right. Yeah. I don't know when it's okay. For me. Can I feel like now? Now, it's a good time. So, ladies and gentlemen, this is the first ever combo podcast of. My favorite murder combined with Conan O'Brien has no friends. Yes. How it's not really the title. All right on a needs. It. I'll you just accidentally says Conan O'Brien has friends. When I wanted to imply with my title was I have a lot of friends like some more. You intuited was Conan O'Brien has no friends, which is shockingly Klis tried again, this is take to this is where keeping that. Are you sure that was really good because my take to this is the first dill episode of my favorite murder combined with Conan O'Brien is shutdown Irish Catholic and emotionally stunted. Title, please vote with me on these things. So you can probably tell that. I am thin lipped very uptight Irish Catholic. Yes, there's a lot. But you know, what's interesting. There's a lot broiling inside. I didn't say boiling I said Braley from the top broasted. Did inside. There's a lot breasting. Right here too. That's right. He said craft. I didn't realize the all drink before. Just fine by me more than happy to get loaded with you, ladies, this is one of the more high stakes conversations. And we are when it's the lowest of stakes we fuck up concierge. So the fact that's now high-stakes it's like we don't pronounce things correctly. When it's the chiller version of podcasting. So now, we feel like we've been kicked up into like the ace, circle, I said were Chester instead of booster on the show. Yes. Just said were totally did you thought that was the correct version? Well, say it like you spell it, bro. You guys have been in the podcast game for a while. And you've got a killer podcast. So I'm the newbie so you should act like to funds ease to my Richie. Ralph mouth if only if only we could if only we could kick the proverbial. Well, I guess I am that leather jacket wearing Jewish motorcycle writing funds style person to begin with your claiming to be the fawns. Yeah. Sort of your hair, you could come that into the phone. Very beautiful hair Jewish camp with his daughter. He's a lovely man. He was so nice of the nicest men. Yeah. He really anywhere greatly one of us could think of his name. It's obviously had me Winkler. Everyone knows that that. It's Henry blink ler. Welcome. Okay. So there's no transition here that no we should actually have no transition. So we can take that part out if we want to beginning. Wait it. I don't add it anything out anymore. I think let the people here everything really here. How flawed we are. Yeah. Because I'm tired of people thinking some kind of Christ fake. Cut me. I do. I do resurrect when I do. Yeah. Welcome to the podcasting world. It's fun. Yeah. You made a splash. Yeah. It's been a lot of fun. I think after twenty five years of having to talk to people in very constrained circumstances. And I I loved that. I grew up watching that but seven minutes, and then you have to go to commercial break. And then you have to start it up again and being in a room with people and having a very intimate conversation and letting the part of your brain go that works in a writer's room, that's part of the creative process. And let it go unfiltered has been a real joy, we've only I don't really released five or I think we've released five and they've been really fun to do. That's been the biggest surprise is how much it doesn't feel like work to me. It's not right. Chatting and riffing. And yet we're making ten. Tens of dollars. Rolling monthly. More about me undies. Underwear? No. Yeah. It's really fun. And I think for you. It's good to because you're whenever you're interviewing people are talking to someone. It's about their career, and what they're got going on and whatever. Yeah. Whatever stupid movie that is coming out of what they're promoting stupid. Oh, no. Everyone's movies amazing. Amazing paramount put a chip in my brain. Years ago. So all movies are amazing. Great. I have a hard time watching. I I love tacos club your talk show. The interview part always makes me really nervous in the same way. That like watching an award show, the like speeches made me so uncomfortable encourage you're worried for I hope I'm worried for these people, right? Yeah. Well, I feel like when you're sitting in that seat. You have to do you have to pull off natural conversation, that's entirely planned. And you have to be a good enough actor to make it seem real you have to stay in the moments. You have to have a little bit of improv awareness, and you can't drive it too hard. I've seen people that I know that have gone on there and just really try to drive it themselves, which is always bad. It's there's so many ways to for it to go bad that I think there's a stress because it's just not a regular conversation a longtime ago about doing one of these late night talk shows or probably any talk show is the trick. People used to say you've got to figure it out. Figure out who you are. As to think will. That's not the case. What you're the trick is to figure out who you were all along be completely yourself. But in the most unnatural environment. I know you've worked for Ellen and it's lights, and it's cameras and audience, and you have to get out in six minutes, and it has to be on a laugh, then you get back into it again. And what I found is that it took me a while to figure out how to be cone in in that situation where that didn't feel weird. And then get to the point where I started hunting for. I don't wanna hear the prepared story hurts really good great. But I'm always on the hunt for the accident. Yeah. Or someone's sort of mispronounced something I'll say, wait. What was that? And then we go down a rabbit hole. And that's where the joy is. Yeah. And so if you can do that in that weird situation that takes a couple years to get to where you have that confidence. But the nice thing about this format, and I listened to a lot of podcasts. And I really enjoy. There's this ancient thing for someone tells you a story or people are talking in you fill in the rest, and we're so digitally obsessed that we think

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