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Of the stage two in terms of moving problems. 50 to 60% in terms of first dose is based upon how we've been moving. So far, we're probably looking at a 2 to 3 week, Window County health officer Dr Travis Gales and then the job from the second fees to the third phase, probably looking somewhere in the a month for six weeks, But Dr Gale's warning a backward trend could halt the phased in reopening. Barbara Britt W M. A. L and W M a l dot com restrictions also being eased in Anna Rondo County. This is executive store Pittman. We are removing the social gathering limits that we still had in place. If you remember these air for gatherings that have no organization of business that Z managing them, however, Pittman is not dropping the mask mandate, at least not yet. Speaking of that, the CDC says, you can now take your mask off outside if you are fully vaccinated and want to attend a small outdoor gathering with people who are vaccinated and unvaccinated Or dying at an outdoor restaurant with friends from multiple households. The science shows If you're vaccinated, you conduce so safely unmasked Doctor. Russia Will Lenski President Biden is set to deliver his first joint session address of Congress tomorrow night, Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio telling Fox and friends. He's not expecting anything new when he's not gonna be there, I imagine is going to say more of what he's been saying. Now we have a preview like what he wants to push forward and the feature going back to the point. I will not be attending. One of the reasons why is the ticket numbers have been really limited? They're making people sit in the gallery tensions between the U. S. China and Russia increasing over recent criticism towards each other Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says the president is talking the talk when it comes to the U. S adversaries, but isn't walking the walk. This administration has talked tough with both his rivals, and I've given credit where credit's been do. But when they Tom came to speak in the language that Putin and she understand death. Money and power. This White House Fletch judge just missing the lawsuit of a man alleging Michael Jackson sexually abused him when he was a child, the Michael Jackson estate not to win in its corner after a Los Angeles judge granted the estates request. You just missed the lawsuit brought by a man who accused the late Michael Jackson of sexually abusing him as a boy in the documentary leaving Neverland on HBO. The lawsuit was originally brought by Wade, Robson and 2013. The judge said of the ruling. The Jackson entertainment Corporations targeted by the lawsuit had no legal duty to protect robes and from Jackson. The judge dismissed a similar lawsuit. In October, but James Safe Jack, who was also involved in the HBO, Docuseries, the attorney for both men, said the ruling has fatal flaws and will be appealed. Michelle Pelino Fox News on Wall Street Ahead of the close, the Dow is up to the S and P. 500 down one the NASDAQ down 49 double drama L traffic and weather next the quickest way.

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