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The opposition was able to freely campaign. They went around the country. They hit major rallies around the country, but also I think people should accept that even when you believe that we've got your head so many rallies, you must also believe I accept the fact that the other party also his, it's on supporters. We have head people talking about the issue of role, the role of what. And people are condescending enough to actually say that the raw voter is ignorant. I don't believe that's the situation the situation is, and I also don't believe that it's also to do with intimidation. It's been much bitter the, they've been a row. People have been going to opposition parties. So there wasn't that much intimidation and Zanu PF started campaigning about three years ago. They've been in the ROY areas. They have been working this poll in cultural programs in all sorts of menace. And with Zanu PF it's the patchy is a way of life. It's woven into the social fabric, so they have registered of their supporters. They're in touch with their supporters with MDC. They're not of people support MDC, but they're not petty members. They've what for it, but they are not putting members, you saw, they. They don't have a tracking system like the machinery missionary that Zanu PF is managed to employ over the years. It's always overhauling its machinery in shorting that on the ground, it's working with the people in Detroit get divorced that it once in each knows it is those what's in the ROY areas. So it will constantly work in those ROY areas. And this is one thing that the opposition party if he wants to break the cycle of not making through, they should actually start working in the rural areas and not also, they should also have language that does not this, the people that they are expecting what's for they've been reports of people saying or no, they're being very ages. You know, when you start insulting people in saying that the oil older people are the ones who put us in this miss because they're watching for was an that's bad because it's not true. If you look at tarry most of the old people. Well, in Harare in the areas they are the people who started way back in two thousand with the MDC to get it to way it is today. And then the language about the, you know. Insulting women. This, the other thing that puts people off many, many lessons to be learned grace which onto are on the line from Harari and here in the studio we were joined by Winston mono. Thank you very much for joining us. It is thirty minutes past the hour. You're listening to Monica, twenty four..

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