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The euro zone which again one of the essential pillars is the financial stability we'd say can only be made part achieved if we also have the the fiscal policy orientation that said that to the we all agreed to me to be taken he's the ultimate god is the ultimate goal fiscal union that yes it can be it can be when the following steps to be thoughtfully on a cdl i think we need to have deeper discussions on that some issues already arise dean in previous meetings about there's a long way still to to get day that's that's my perception is that you were talking about financial stability it's also early days for certain asset bitcoin i wanted to ask you about that i know you're not a regulator but all you concerned a tool about the impact of bitcoin eurozone financial stability of the european regulators as other regulators talked about it and discuss they're very recently i think they are aware of it they are following lead as a mining minister of finance that mentality that diane and confidence that they they are really oversee the general feature if we go again in to travel we then some sort of bubbles in the financial markets that that will be that will be not pleasant outs could make these days i see that regulates as now i look smart aware of that and they will be doing the job that was newlyelected euro group president mario centeno.

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