Simeon High School, Wildcats, Bulls discussed on Dean Richards' Sunday Morning


Wgn sports andy mazer rather just started the second half of the world cup final between france and croatia france with a two one lead there now on the forty six th minute of this match going on in moscow the wimbledon action is over for the day as well as a novak djokovic as the champion on the men's side a big win over kevin anderson six two six two seven six and the tiebreaker went seven three thirteenth major title for jovovich and a fourth wimbledon title for him as well here at the ballpark on the south side of the whites actual entertain the kansas city royals one more time lucas gio alito well head to the mound here against burch smith for the royals final game before the allstar break which takes place in the all star game coming up on tuesday jose abreu or represent the white sox has the starting first baseman in the american league first pitch coming up at one ten hydro pregame starting at twelve thirty five here on wgn cubs in the padres later on this afternoon they'll wrap up their threegame set cubs looking for the sweep after an eleven six win yesterday bias with his nineteenth home run of the season he'll be a starter in the all star game for the cubs along with wilson contrary us mike metheny out as the manager of the saint louis cardinals after six and a half seasons on the job cardinals fall seven games back the cubs that is in the central division in signing in the nba the bulls aac jabari parker the former simeon high school starts to a two year deal worth route forty million dollars the whole the blackhawks northwestern wildcats and chicago white sox baseball on anti mazer wgn sports wgn traffic things starting to build on the.

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