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Formation to one green, trying to hold all those three hard-charging automobiles behind him. He'll take the low line. Is Jeff Jeffrey Jason Killer Tim Conway Kevin Harvick Outta turn to down the back straightaway single file one more time. Time all the way up against that outside retaining wall, green lead them down into three single file through three, all four cars down the white line out of four nose to tail, their work their way up off the Corner Jeff Green. Jason Keller then you have the car of Tim Feed Wa and also Kevin Harvick are the front four that the pulling away now from Travis Copel j solder Phil. Parsons and others spicer the leaders back to one Jeff. Green continues to be your leader. He's got a Carleen over Jason Killer. These cars are all nose to tail single fire down the backstretch. Kevin Harvick will take a peek the inside as they come down the back straightaway. He's looking for that third place position. Now go side by side. Tempete awas harder to the inside Peter on the outside and sideline the place to be Kevin. Harvick has got it. He'll move fito up the banking at the exit of turn number four, and take over that number three position so move Harvick to third fetal to fourth fifth is Travis. coppell follow by solder, Phil Parsons ashton-lewis Purvis as the leader Steve off turn two. And Green will lead on June two with Jason Killing his tracks down the backstretch, and they've broken away from those other two cars after Harvick had gotten by Tim Feta. They've lost about eight car links to your top two runners. Come off the corner, daring three wide move off of turn to Greg. Move don't to the inside of Jamie mcmurray and Kevin Grubb in Greg. Charge last posted in twenty fourth spot. He still on the move mired in heavy traffic. Let's follow that battle. Now here's pithily opens the inside lane. He's still under Kevin. Before, we'll take that position interminable one and he'll work his way right up on the back bumper now, Joe Rudman. He'll try to take. Down the backstretch, Ricky Hendrick as to be on the outside of Joe Rutland with Gregg Pimple right behind him. Rudman moves five people now side by side with Hendrick started thirty seventh did Greg Biff Oh. He's picked up fourteen positions and he does not look like he satisfied Bethel still digging hard to the inside punches, a hold of a low line on Ricky Hendrick. He'll move up another spot as he hits turn on wrinkle now we'll try to make a move on Joe. Rudman Littleton the bottom of the racetrack. He'll work right up on the spoiler of Joe Rudman Hill. Hill exit turn to nose detail both cars slide up the banking and go up against that outside retaining greg difficult. Crying outside at pass doesn't have to hurt tweet. side-by-side Greg Nipple Sixty on the movies by retinue they come off. The corner will slide up in line and he'll grab that spot one car on the move. ashton-lewis, this is the challenge for about the eighth spot now is Louis opens the inside lane, trying to bypass bill. Parsons has to Louis we'll. We'll have to touch behind Phil Parsons, but he's got a rear view. Mirror fall down the bags, right? That's right. That's Elton Sawyer right behind ashton-lewis Union, lawyer will take a peek to the inside, but Louis blocks that pass head to four. One More Time ashton-lewis down to the inside. We'll make the challenge on Phil Parsons wheel-to-wheel now in the battle for eighth position. Some close calls this last lap by for Jeff. PURVIS comes off turnover. Four barely just misses scraping. Scraping the outside wall, Purvis now running in the sixth position, but a close call there for him, as he slept the concrete, coming into the trial Jeff Green continues to lead at lap thirty four Jason Keller Kevin Harvick Tim Feet and now Purvis has rebounded after that slip a moment ago. He is broken into the top five. Let's count it down pit road Jason Toy standing by G need. Is the crew chief down here for J. Solder talking to his driver? They're out there on the tracks. He continues to slip back started on. The poll finds himself right now seven Jane. What drivers saying about the car? He slipped back a little bit right now. We're just tighten. They put me back you. Need the crew chief talking about his driver's car for J slaughter a little bit tight out there on the track right now they're trying to hold off caution by the committee and make A. J. Solder started on the bud pole got his first ever Pole, starting position, and the Nascar Busch series tonight slid all the way back to the seventh spot, but Adam Alexander in the delco pit. Everybody Happy Kevin. Harvick says the cars just a little bit tight batat barrier, said nothing. He can't handle the starting eleven. He's currently running third a lot of concern in the twenty four bit. Of course we're talking about the ricky hinder machine. He said it feels like the right front tire is going flat. They've got the noculars spotting area looking at it. He staying on the speedway right now, but they are very concerned about the twenty four machines. Greg before continues his charged through the field. He just drives around the outside of Randall. Joy through turns one or two. That will move. To the number seventeen position, so he has picked up twenty spots in thirty six laps and he's looking for more and turn three. To the outside, he'll get by the Hank Parker machine the twenty six. Bobby Hamilton Juniors next. That is one driver who was sliding back bobby. Hamilton had a good starting position, but right now he is being challenged for the fifteenth position as Greg Baffle who he and the crew admit they made a mistake in qualify. They put the wrong. Sway Bar in the car. And that resulted in him taking the first ever provisional that he's had to take in his three years or two years of the NASCAR craftsman truck series and his inaugural run here, the Bush series and right now he's rebounding quite nice. He's broken into. Into the top fifteen. He's just bypass Bobby Hamilton junior to take that spot so Greg Bethel on the charge early here in the outback steakhouse three hundred I'll everybody makes mistakes every once in a while the key to the deal is knowing what the make mistake was, and knowing how to fix it quickly, and they very clearly did that. They've got that car on a rail. And biff continues to pick them off. He's fifteenth and looking for more Greg biff continuing to slice his way through the field. Well, he in that team have had. Had some distractions. This past week looks like the silly season. Get started earlier earlier it used to be. It would start in October maybe September, but now there is speculation about drivers changing teams and changing sponsors and changing organizations Greg. Bickell was the focus of the rumor mill until this past week asked him yesterday. What is his future? I'm out of the rumor mills. You know I kind of have been and how things can get started. people start talking rob people, or you know this rides off. This guy's up. Maybe you know he's. He's one of the candidates for the all car. WanNa candidates for you. Know Gates or this or that doesn't mean that you know I'm going to drive there. That doesn't mean that you know I'm looking for a new job. You know just if your name gets in the hat, all the people take it and run with us, so just trying to alleviate myself from some of that. We're trying to get a sponsor. Winston, Cup races seven races next year, and it's kind of tough to do that if they think the driver's leaving. Can't be much more clear than that Greg Nisus. Take name off the list I'm happy where I am and I'm staying home. Of course you can't blame folks by taking a look at Greg before he's a fantastic run leading the best rookie of the year standings, he already has two wins this year. Those winds coming at the Nashville superspeedway, and also at the national speedway in Pennsylvania, he's got three top ten in the last three races, and he's been a force to be reckoned with in this two thousand one NASCAR BUSCH SEASON I think everybody knew that he. He would be a contender, but I don't think anybody expected him to be a contender so soon. It's a major change from the NASCAR craftsman truck series, the Busch series, some brand new racetracks, obviously brand new equipment. He is adapted much quicker than antibody. Maybe even his own team expected that he would matter of fact. Greg told us yesterday that he's returning to the NASCAR craftsman truck series next weekend. When the trucks moved to the Memphis motorsports park in Tennessee, he'll be driving. One of the rash racing entries I believe he's going to drive the one that chuck. Has Driven up to this point. Greg hop in for a one race stint. He'll be back there with the Memphis two hundred next Saturday live coverage here on Moreno that event at twelve thirty eastern time, but the two thousand NASCAR craftsman truck series champion returning to the trucks next weekend. We under the green flag here in the outback steakhouse, three hundred at the new Kentucky speedway. We have only been slowed one time precaution coming out at lap sixteen with Claire, Rogers got turned.

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