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From channel nine I'm chief meteorologist Tom Terry. Tom beautiful sunshine. It's gorgeous this morning is now seventy in Orlando. Severe weather station. Safetouch Security triple team traffic. We have a regular I four entirely one hundred percent shutdown this that the, this could be westbound. Is that right? Westbound and the, the Orlando fire rescue do not appear to be in a big hurry to get reopened. Again. They able to get out of the vehicle. This is back to orange blossom trail LB McLeod is going to be your way around here. And it's going to be taking you Kirk you get back on, I four at Kirkman, you're also slowing central county on the westbound side on related four four thirty six. I four eastbound, a few minutes, delays and five thirty to seeing the traffic picking up on the attractions for muscular Parkway to five thirty five to take you about five minutes right now. And then after that you're going to be up to speed until downtown. He got a few minutes to slow down to there at the four weight, and a reminder that exit ramp the dual exit ramp from I four eastbound to the four, weight and south street has swapped lanes now you want to be in the left lane to exit to south street, rightly to get to the four hundred eight honesty, integrity and one hundred percent satisfaction Pro-Tech air conditioning, plumbing services online at pro tech dot com. They have a service technician near you. With traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning, we're helping you get to work on time. I'm Ed Torrence, news ninety six point five WDBO. Have you heard metro now includes Amazon prime and select plans. Yes. Enjoy the best.

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