The Deal, Percentagewise, Dick discussed on CNBC's 'Fast Money' - Fast Money 07/21/17


We're underwriters on the deal i believe you on i think that's probably a good gas than in the bed of making it consumes concerns voiced on this desk amid so now let's play in stock walk the right do you think it can get to effectively the 10dollar price where i guess the ipo came out in percentagewise that's a significant move but the competition in the spaces we've all addressed is huge and amazon lies out there is the behemoth pronounce that correctly name lusts unprona they give very much so what's the point talked about a the churn rates going to be huge customer retention rate is going to be huge or in the hyper competitive stage of their business right now so if you want to play that game that's great i still think the stock is a note such ourselves you i think is kind of laughable actually i mean i i don't know they all loved it at ten they even higher range dan let's get this deal done what are they going to stay now of course they have to say that it's great right i mean i i don't know i i just listen why not go to twelve feet wa quoted 10dollar pledged got it right before i mean look if you if you bought only ipo you've got plugged don't get plugged at blocks it stay away from that i got to be the competition excited i mean look it was a higher end range that the original price so we heard about this you know amazon whole foods steel and then they reset it down prices at ten bucks which is still too high look i i don't like the stock your i wouldn't be a buyer all right that's the day here check out the x t retail etf owing more than a percent losing its worst session in two weeks was this warning goods retailers that really took down the space hibbitt sporting a good sinking one thirty percent after disappointing guidance that new sending dick's finish line and footlocker all tumbling thieves.

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