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Now other by owns leading towards those peaks for one thing and some of the hilly volumes being told kind of makes the mountain peak feel less dramatic and one of the things i liked in bedrock was that these mountains were visible from a distance because everything else was so flat but they were just monoliths and i think that stuff is really quite cool. It's also makes them more of a destination because at that point you're going to them for you know the view and the climbing experience but you're also going for resources because stuff above a certain. Why height is going to generate more coal and i and i think culpa and emerald as well. So there's there's going to be reasons to visit those mountains beyond just. Hey let me go and take a look at the world from the peak of this manton So i kind of think that those should stand out more. And i'm hoping that maybe a little bit of a boost in elevation for the mountain subway items that they've added is going to help that. I did run into a bunch of places where it was supposed to have generated some of those manton volumes but never got as far as a peak so i found a really cool basin made entirely out of meadow by homes around the outside but then in the middle of that was a crater in which there was a flower forest and since meadow meadows. Already have so many flowers to begin with it. Felt like the sort of cradle of these flowers was just in the center and that was that was really fun to to run into but it felt like it should have been building up towards hampton peak in the center of all of that and instead there was a a valley. It's cool that it can generate that way. But i'm looking forward to finding more enormous if they go that route with the final terrain jin. I feel like this is a thing because The one mountain that we did find with ice on it looks like the lofty peaks ones had a snowy tiga pulled down in the middle like a volcano And i've seen other I don't remember which content creators watching. But i've seen the similar thing happen where it looks like. It's going to go up and then there's a little dish at the start which looks like a like made for order minecraft based like mean. Why wouldn't you want there. Would you've got you've got snow for ice you. You can do all kinds of really cool stuff there like you mentioned you can just mind straight into the side of the mountain and get some resources because iron is going to be that high in the world now. That kind of stuff. I think is neat. But i agree that i didn't really run across the mountains holy nuggets. That is just impressive. Like i didn't quite get there but at the same time. I was still enamored by just a lot of the more subtle things i did. Notice that a lot of the reverse tended to make more sense l. Yeah yeah yeah including a frozen river that had cut through a mountain complete with like waterfall down to the next level and it would only require a little bit of player work to connect it and actually have it go down to a proper body of water down below that went on in the river cut through like a plane by our something really really cool stuff. I kind of wonder like we've brought it up on the show. I think it's something that you've been champing at the bit for a while and that is you know. More realistic rivers starting high in the terrain and flowing down and it would be really cool to have that kind of stuff you know..

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