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Chris White Sox reporting in Glendale pitchers and catchers working out early arrivals, of course, including a newest edition yonder Bonzo quizzed about his brother-in-law and free agent. Jim Manny Machado. He says they spoke yesterday. But he says one hundred percent not about baseball. No idea what he's thinking. He claims about where Machado will sign an about lack of signings in general at this late date and how frustrating that is for veterans. I think it just depends who each guy is, you know, I know guys that are having signed and and they're treating right now like like if it's been spring training. So I think is it's something that needs to get addressed, obviously. And you want the best the best talent on the field every single day that being said with with the players in the buildings. I think we will it to the fans and will to everybody and the players in itself to have the best of the best on the field on everyday basis. Lonzo by the way, says he's very excited. About hitting and guaranteed rate field. Cubs pitchers and catchers, also reporting and the introduction of the marquee sports network for cubs fans on regional cable and satellite television, beginning a year from now with Sinclair broadcast group every cubs game expanded pregame postgame and other local programming. A part of the package bulls host Memphis tonight, another crack at turning around that dubious team record Levin game home losing streak. It'll be the last kicked off before the all-star break bowls of draft eighteen of twenty one overall college basketball tonight, north western with an early tip against Rutgers in Evanston and loyal to on the road at Bradley tap, rank Tennessee tonight hosting South Carolina, Blackhawks often do a skate tomorrow against the devils here in town and F L. Joe flacco will plant his football with the Denver Broncos next season on the new league year starts March thirteenth Baltimore's trade with the Broncos will become official likely for a fourth round pick with sports at fifteen and forty five and the home of the bears, Jeff Johnny act NewsRadio seven eighty one zero five point nine hit. The gift of diamonds for the price of flowers with JC penny. Save..

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